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Re: Too many products have changed

@RespectLife wrote:

All true, however, I don't think you can blame QVC for companies selling out to large Capitalist Groups.  Those are individual company decisions that QVC would not have any say in.


I also do not blame the founders for grabbing the opportunity to make a huge sale on their company they worked so hard building.  They probably put tons of sweat equity into it and deserve it!  That's the way of business.  They don't owe me a thing.


I just don't buy the products anymore from anywhere.  Q, Ulta, Sephora or even their own websites.  Saddest to me was the loss of Philosophy.  What a waste of time bothering to spray their fragrances, since they are gone before you make it out the door in the morning!


I have not noticed a decrease in quality in Laura Geller's products though even though she sold many years ago. 


I have too much stockpile of IT to have purchased new since her selling.  Dr. Perricone doesn't own his company either.  Sold a long time ago.



I agree and disagree.  I certainly don't blame QVC for companies choosing to sell for the big bucks, nor do I fault the founders for going for the big bucks.....but.....I do believe QVC is aware that as they continue to sell the products, that the products have changed (not for the better) and the customer is aware, yet they do not seem to care.  I guess why should they if the product is still selling to customers who probably never bought the products when they were "good", and therefore don't know what they are missing.


And yes, they don't owe me a thing.....but I guess I wish they felt they at least owed the consumer a quality product for their money.  Some of the products I used to buy that have been changed are simply nowhere near the quality of the original.



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Re: Too many products have changed

Ojon has been dropped but original inventor of Ojon is on HSN and his products are now known as Tweeked.  Love it!

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Re: too many products have change

@ Montana- Avon has a relatively new Vitamin C serum (well, maybe 2 years old now) that comes in a brown pump bottle.  Have you tried that one?   I did and didn't like it, but we'll all different.  You might like it....?

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