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I knew a young woman who had breast cancer while only in her 30s.  I thought the therapy hadn't had any effect on her hair, and mentioned to her mother (a former co-worker), how cute it looked. 


She said, "Oh its a wig". 


It looked so natural.  She told me she had had her other daughter, who cut hair, thin it out a little. 


Sometimes wigs are too thick, but they can be shaped and thinned by a good hairdresser.


I also know a past 65 year old woman who had been widowed for a few years.  She just naturally had very thin hair. 


She began to wear a wig to work and was asked out on a date not very long afterwards..

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I hope you find a solution that makes you happy.

We all deserve to feel good about our looks.

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You have my sympathy.I hope you find a solution. I have hereditary baldness and looking back at the hair restoration products I tried and the hours spent trying to do something with my hair and the tears shed in frustration, I'm so glad I stepped into a faux hair boutique! I couldn't believe what natural fiber and beautiful colors and styles that were available.

fast forward to now, I have a ball with my faux hair wardrobe and I have never looked back. I know it's not for everyone....I wish you the best in searching for what will work for you.

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Re: thin fine hair in women

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Oh, I can certainly empathize, Mary.  8)


My own hair is baby-fine, wispy, and flyaway, 

But thankfully, it's wavy, & there's a pretty-decent amount still left LOL.


The following are all holistic ways of coping with thin(er) hair.

They've worked for me, as well as many others.  


I know you're "past" all this, but thought perhaps you might have missed one or two.

At any rate, here ya go:


* 5,000 mcg of biotin (vitamin B5) everyday

* 1,500 mg of evening primrose oil everyday (great for skin also)

* sulfate-free thickening or volumizing shampoo

* sulfate-free thickening or volumizing conditioner

* whole-head hair color (adds body)

* regular trims, including having the ends "point-cut"

  (texturizes them & lightens the overall weight)


HTH & good luck  Cat Happy

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@lasallemom I don't know how old you are or if this is a hereditary condition (does your mom have thin hair?). But I wanted to suggest that you speak with your primary care doctor about it.  There are many conditions - vitamin deficiencies, thyroid issues - that cause thinning hair.  And some of them can be undetected other than hair loss and maybe feeling a little tired or run down.  A simple blood panel is a good start if you haven't had one already.  It could be that you've always had (tolerably) thin hair but now have some vitamin deficiency that is causing it to thin even more.  Just a thought.

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I feel your pain.  I have fine/thin/thinning hair.  Been to the doctors, specialists, tried this, tried that, taken this, taken that.  None of it works.  It's something I struggle with every single day. I hate my hair and I find it so embarassing I don't even want to go to the salon for a trim.  When I say trim, I mean it literally takes them maybe a minute total to do my entire head (I only do the very ends and bangs).I have no words of advise. It's horrible to live with, and no one that doesn't have this type of hair can ever understand.

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 Sorry for the long post.

How I feel for you. You are not alone. I have had this problem since 12 years old, now I'm 64. 

I have tried everything: biotin, laser , md scalp injections of steroids, vitamins, onion on scalp, minoxinal, short freqent haircuts, etc.

 I have had hypothyroid for 35 years, md said hair would return with treatment, never did. The AL vitamins help slow down more loss.

I have been wearing wigs for the past 9 years. I tried hand made human hair wigs at  $3500 each. They are difficult to care for and heavy.

Finally I have found a solution. Synthetic/ human blend, easy to maintain, inexpensive, and easy to wear. $350 fit on my face and styled to flatter me. Wear one all the time,except at home ,  I've come to accept and enjoy my wig. I look MUCH younger and always put togetherI no longer worry about my scalp showing, going to the hair salon, I cut my own hair. Used to feel so embarrassed at salon.

BYTW been married 40years come Oct. and my husband is still crazy about me  and thinks I'm wildly sexy bald.

I'm so glad I've finally accepted my hair loss and love my wigs (have 9 of same style)

Hope this helps women suffering with seriou hair los, it can be devastating.

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My life save for many years has been Toppik or XFusion hair fibers. Just sprinkle them in the thin areas and scalp is covered. Get it on ebay or amazon.

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@lasallemom, I think you've gotten a lot of good advice here. I'd start with a visit to either your general physician or a dermatologist or both. You need a blood workup to make sure your thyroid is functioning properly and that you are not low on an vitamins & minerals such as iron & B12 as they are all essential to healthy hair. I've had low levels of every one of these at one time or another and each of them can cause hair to become fragile and to fall out. Once you've determined whether or not there is a medical cause, it certainly does not hurt to take a multivitamin specifically for hair. Many people say extra biotin has helped them where others say it hasn't. I also read an article recently that said applying rogaine to the hair and scalp helps the hair shaft become thicker AND it makes the hair darker. I didn't know that, just read it in a magazine about two weeks ago so I've started adding it to my hair care regimen. Also, dying your hair does add thickness to the hair. Personally, I don't like dyes with amonnia & bleach in them as they irritate my sensitive scalp so I use Revlon's Color Silk as it is very gentle and gives my hair beautiful color. It may fade a tad quicker but I don't mind since it is very inexpensive and I only end up coloring anywhere from one to 2 weeks sooner anyway. By then I usually need to color again anyway because of all the gray that has grown out. Good luck!

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I have poker straight baby fine hair. However I do have a lot of hair, but since it has turned white I can see my scalp when out in the sun or bright light. I don't want to color so ...I was losing a lot of hair after 2 knee surgeries close together so I have been taking a daily hair, skin and nails vitamin as well as a collegen supplement daily. I find the most important thing you can do for yourself when you have fine hair is get a very good cut. The kind that after the wind blows your hair you simply shake your head and it asll falls back in place. The next thing is - don't expect it to do what it is impossible for it to do. No matter what product you put on fine hair it will never be full and voluminous - it will droop as soon as you walk out in the morning. And you can't keep any curl in naturally straight hair either. My hair must be washed and blown dry every day to get any volume to it at all, and it I always wear it so in a style that will just fall in place when blown dry, without curling. I do blow mine dry using a brush with the warm air coming through it - gives my hair some slight shape, not much. But with the best possible cut - it is as good as it gets.