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Ive been using tan lux and it is really orange  Have you found just the right faux tanning solution

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I have very fair skin and I have been using and liking

adding some drops to moisturizer, face also, of the active argan bronzing drops.

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I've been using MineTan for a few years now and it's very natural looking. It actually smells good. It's a foam which has color and you apply it with a mitt. Several shades to choose from. I suggest going to their website at  minetanskinbody dot com and there you'll find how to pick a shade for your skin type. Look in their banner for SHADE FINDER and then follow it through. That's how I found the one I'm using now.


ETA- If you decide to get the MineTan foam, please get their mitt. It's made for it and it's a very good one, never streaky.


ETA - Qvc sells Minetan products.

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@mollymaggie After extensive fails, I now use a large dollop of Alba Very Emollient Body Lotion Coconut Rescue (probably could use any lotion) with a smaller dollop of Jergens Natural Glow medium/tan color, blend them in my hand and apply.  This produces a nice gentle tan without the small dark spots and unevenness.  I do this 4 times....for each leg and arm/shoulder area.  It has been working for me after so many attempts at much more expensive products.  It is gradual/natural look and I apply approximately every 3 days.  Everyone is different, but I hope it works for you!  Happy tanning!

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I agree, the Jergens Natural Glow, is a subtle, natural tan that you can 'build up', if you so desire.


I'll have to try adding your Alba product, thanks for mentioning it!


I see sooo many orange tan ladies in the summer.

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I like the 'Jergens Natural Glow' in Med/Tan - it has a very subtle scent that I like and dries quickly.... compared to the Jergens Natural Glow + Firming - the scent was too strong for me, did not care for, plus very inexpensive.  I also use the one for the face as well.  Does give a natural tan look.

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@mollymaggie   I tried this one two a while back, the tan lux in the moisturizer. Whie it's easy and convenient, I didn't really like the color either, seemed to be on the orange side. 


What really ****** me off was after showering it rubbed of on my bath towel so I had these orange blotches on the towel. This happened for days after. Mind you in between showers I never reapplied the tan lux, what I had on was ample, and not a good color either.


Needless to say I returned it.  I am so done with self tanners, I don't care who's name is ont he label.

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I am also done with self tanners, never found one I loved or that didnt smell, time to be pale and embrace it. 

Jergens has horrible ingredients in it, no wonder it is very inexpensive. 

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I had that Tan Luxe garbage  and ended up throwing it away--smelled like dirty feet on me as do ALL those tanners----I use a bronzer that washes off in the shower with ok luck---used one the-at was clear with tiny bubbles of color in it that was wonderful--was on the Q but that was a few year ago---no luck finding it anywhere

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@Shelbelle I agree,  They all say no scent but they all have a very odd scent after a few hours.  I give up, I"m just trying to keep my skin as healthy as I can.