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was looking at some of the Tweak'd products and read the reviews on the Restore Hydrating Balm for the hair. I think it's part of the TSV today so interested in this single product, One reviewer stated what is below. Good grief, doesn';t QVC even read reviews before they publish them.. 26 people clicked "no" this doesn't help and probably reported it to QVC but its still up there,  What in the world product was she even reviewing? 



"I've been using this product for about a month and it covers some but not like the infomercial. It shows covering a tattoo no way it barely covers a brown age spot on my arm"
Will not purchase again


Obviously not Denis' hair product, I ordered the moisturizing clay on 11/10 and as of today it has been sitting in NC post office so who knows whn I'll get it, 

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@PinkSunset  I've been using that moisturizing clay for awhile and I love it, makes my fine, thin hair look thick. I only shampoo twice a week so I use the clay on the day before I shampoo, unless I'm going somewhere and want vavavoom hair. Hope you get yours.

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Reviews save me so much money. 

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A well written review by someone who has used the product and knows what they are talking about can save me some money or cause me to spend some.  The reviews by people who have never tried the product or hate the host or vendor should not be allowed.