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Speaking of Evine,has anyone noticed how much time they give Serious Skin Care?

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Criticizing someone for criticizing someone.  If no one speaks up to the first criticizer, then they just go on and on feeling more and more emboldened to criticize.  It can become bullying.

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SilleeMee:  I agree.  In addition, even with fillers, Botox, etc...  You still need skincare - cleansers, toners, serums, creams, masks, etc.  I don't understand what others don't get about this.  Even when you have a full all-out surgical facelift, you still need to treat your skin.  I'm baffled at the people that think one replaces the other....  Huh?

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@Gorgf wrote:

I used to watch Dimitri often on Evine. I enjoyed his stories, chit chat, humor and easy going manner,stories while working with the models. He seemed to connect with some of the models like Kat, and actually demonstrated using his products showing how and what order to apply.


He did seem tired sometimes and appeared to have to put an effort into presenting. I do not find that connection a couple of times I saw him on HSN.It was all just more formal and a short on and off. I doubt his sister will be on air any more which was fun and seeing his family and hearing about trips to Greece and stories about his Grandmother.


I find fewer of products in general, so far and a lack of kits on HSN. I  liked to try a variety of items I normally may not  have purchased. I ordered his hair care which I like from his site as there are more products. I like his AM PM cleansers but doubt ordering as do not care for the tube over the pump delivery. Right now I am underwhelmed.


No kits online? Few products listed at higher prices? Foundation for $70 because he tossed i  a couple brushes? Brushes are cheap. I clicked on a Neck Amour product for $49, Is this the same as the one he sold for $30? both say probiotic neck cream although the $35 one says ":mask". And nowwhere did I see a size listed. Is it 8 oz or 16 oz?  sorry, but if he left Evine because he wanted more customers to make more money, I don't think this will do it. Or maybe he left because he didn't want to be there very, single month. that's okay if it's his choice, But so far, I do not look forward to his shows at all. to each their own,


ETA: I just saw who the hosts were with his shows. Blech. Connie drives me nuts, Helen? And someone I never heard of named Debbie. You'd think he'd get the top guns, Colleen, Amy, Bobbie. nope. 

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D.'s 6pm show host was Helen Kearney-what a bubblehead.


I say that b/c she doesnt know the products and results/ingredients and always sounds like she flying by the seat of her pants. And not just Skinn shows. Every show. How has HK kept her job for decades at HSN?


I then put tv on  mute so I dont have to hear her.

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To each his own I say! He seems nice and kind!

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell when someone has had plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures. In my opinion, no one wakes up looking like an entirely different person, except in science fiction.


For me, cosmetic work is not the issue.  It is the pretense that these drastic changes are because of a skincare brand.





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I am watching Dimitri with Sara Anderson and Dimitri seems so at ease with her compared to the other HSN hosts I have seen him with.  She was previously a host on Evine and is knowledgeable about Skinn products.  He has more of his old energy during this show.


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I really like this line but wish Dimitri would slow down with his own skin enhancements.  He does look much younger but I think he was fine before.  Reminds of Dr Denese when she had work done. 

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I don't know about other channels, but a new vendor from Evine has said that he gets a better time slot depending on the number of favorable reviews. So, it you want more shows with Dimitri, maybe post your reviews...