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shea terra night serum anyone use this? and other ?

hi ladies i've been using shea terra argan oil , the rose hip black soap,and rose hip vit c toner and i love all the products so skin has been really clear and vibrant looking! i do have a little dryness which is probably from the black soap and this cold weather.i know today is the last day for shea terra's 30 % off so i wanted to stock up on what i'm using and try some more things like the night serum. i know some of you bought this serum and i'm curious how you like it.i'm also thinking of getting the tamanu oil and marula oil. for ladies that use these oils as well as the argan oil and night serum how do you use them? do you switch oils as needed during the day and use the serum at night or do you use the oils at night under the serum? also are there other products you recommend like any face moisturizers that aren't greasy and sink right in the skin?