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Re: ??s On Hair Coloring

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@Harpa   color will not lift color. brass means the cuticle has not been lifted enough to get to the white stage (level 10)   the darker the hair (level 2-5)  the more lift needed.


you have the right idea but the technique may give a blotchy result. my hair is a natural level 6.  i've done paint-on highlights but i used a brush and  not a gloved  hand. i used powdered bleach and developer.   you really can't get highlights - if that's what you want - using boxed color.  i used 30v developer mixed w powdered bleach.  in addition, in a separate bowl - i mixed 20v with bleach so the transition between levels would not be harsh. i started high on the hair shaft with 20v. painting the mixture on, and in 2nd bowl at the mid-shaft to ends i used 30v. ( you mix the powder and developer to make a runny toothpaste texture in each bowl)  the you time and be careful to rinse out - if you have a lot of hair you may have to do two sessions. 


if you are a level "5" than you need 3-4 levels of lift .  20v developer on its own will not lift 4 levels.


i did a strand test first to see how long 30v + bleach would take to lift my level 6  hair to a level 10.  i did several timings.     using this guide helped when i actually colored my hair.


 i  then toned using a demi-perm color 10v. toning can cut any brass...


if this sounds complicated - it is!! - and i'm not a pro. 


my .02 would be be see  a professional colorist.



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When I used to highlight my hair, I would use an old (clean) mascara brush. It will do thin strands at a time and not get too chunky.

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Eee gad! Save yourself the headache and pay a professinal to color/highlight your hair!! I just can't imagine myself being el cheepo on my appearance. Nope, not gonna happen. Woman Surprised

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My friend tried to do red highlights around her face and I don' know what she did but the hair all broke off.....