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@lulu2 could your Doll 10 lipsticks be old enough that the oils turned rancid? I've tried most of the lip products from Doll 10 and none I've owned had a taste. 

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I bought Pepper in Bite lipstick and it is a very nice color.  Just a little darker than your natural lips.  It keeps you from being washed out but natural.

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Thank you for your reply.  It is possible the lipstick is old and spoiled.  I did purchase from this line before (from QVC) and remember that same taste.  We all perceive things differently.  I remember a prestige vendor having a TSV.  Many of us said the lip gloss was off-tasting while others said it was not.



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Great *pink* nude lipstick is Honey Glow by Suzanne Organics.