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I love nude lipsticks.  I've had a couple in the past, now discontinued, I really liked.  I think ALL of the points in Lisa's video are what makes finding a good nude so difficult to find.  Although I think she went a bit over the top with the number of her considerations, we are  still left with the need for having a good idea of our skin tone, undertone, etc.

I have no eye for that.  I've had SAs tell me I'm cool, neutral or neutral to warm!  Who to believe?  I've tried nude colors on that I thought looked terrible on me only to have the SA tell me she thought it looked beautiful.  Was she just wanting a sale?

Her information also cancels out any drugstore options since most all of them are sealed.  I camr to the conclusion after my last nude lipstick was gone, that finding a good nude lipstick is a hit or miss proposition. Prepare yourself to buy more than one before you finally find the ONE that is for you.

I don't care to wear lipsticks in any mauve, rose, berry, coral, red or brown tones.  That leaves me little to choose from.  I found one I'm currently wearing a nude that looks "kinda okay".  I'm not crazy about it, but it's better than going with no lipstick at all.

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I love the look of a nude lip contrasted with exciting eye makeup. Though the nude lip seems to be going kind of out. I'm seeing more sheer glossy lips than anything OR bright bold lips these days. Not so much nude. THOUGH Jennifer Lopez was on American Idol the other night during auditions and she had a gorgeous nude lip with dramatic eye makeup look. See below. How can you not like that? I was thinking to myself how great the nude lip looked on her lol. 



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some confuse nude with soft or sheer I think.

I am light to light medium and can't wear anything dark or too bright.

What I look for is a nice soft sheer moisturizing lipstick in a sort of rosy pink but soft lighter shade.

I don't want anything brown or blue tints to mine, just a nice soft shade of medium pink or rosy pink or dusty pink.

I don't like high gloss but do like a soft sheen.


don't ask for much huh

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Count me among those that don't understand nude lipstick...  why not just not wear any?  or wear chap stick or clear gloss?  Usually I don't wear anything really bright either way, but I've always considered the whole point of wearing lipstick/lipgloss is to add color. 

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doglover3, I think you're right about some confusing nude with soft color or sheer lipcolor. My favorites some might consider nude, but to me, they're more soft color. Chanel in Boy, Jane Iredale in Iced Mocha, Laura Geller in Berry Banana (which doesn't look berry at all) and if I want just a bit more color, I reach for Chanel in Legende which is a neutral pinky rose, the same color as my natural cheek color.


Also, recently, I splurged and bought a tube of YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Pomegranate. In the tube, it looks like a scary, shocking pink, but on the lips, it's a very sheer wash of color in a moisturizing balm base. It's a great way to add a sheer wash of color without being too much. I may try this same formula in a different color since I like this one so well.



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@hyacinth003 - Thank you !!!  I couldn't agree with you more!!!!!   (I was looking for a "thumbs up" emotie and couldn't find one)


Even if you're J.Lo., you look sick in a nude lip (thanks for the photo above).  And most of the ladies on TV, newscasters et. al, look like they have the flu !!!!!    Really, reeeally black eyeliner and mascara and colorless lips looks so ghoolish.  If I wanted to see that, I'd watch "Walking Dead."   Any woman, any age, looks better with the correct balance of color on her face.   I wonder.... if they're going for "nude", why do they even bother with applying lipstick at all? 


There.  Rant over.   I feel better now.


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I want to find a good, moisturizing rose/nude lip color. A magazine I have shows a pic of Taylor Swift wearing a Tom Ford rose/nude lipstick, & it's perfect. But I think it's like $50.00, so nooooo way!


Most lipstick brands take the moisture from my lips. MAC makes tons of colors, but it's SO drying!

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There are so many different color of nude in any one brand of lip products.  Some lean brown while others lean mauve, pink, or peach.  I look ridiculous with too much color on my lips. (which are thin) When I'm looking for a new lipstick I usually go for a nude/neutral.


A strong lip color makes me look like a child dressing up for Halloween or dance recital.

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@Dorothy11 I like that Rimmel Kate Moss # 45.  I wish it was sold in the U.S..  Where do you order it from?

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@Reba055 wrote:

I bought the Doll 10 trio from the Q before Christmas. It's lipstick on one end, gloss on the other. They are nudes, but so flattering. I think it's my favorite purchase here. I was pleasantly surprised. The one I bought is no longer listed but there is one a little different A257911. I don't normally wear lipstick anymore. 


Edit:  I glanced back over there to look at her lipsticks. Seems the item I listed,even though 4 star rated, has recent complaints about the gloss leaking. I've not had any issues, but I wonder if this is a different formula. My gloss isn't runny at all as many state this one is.  ??



You can buy these individually on eBay for a few dollars. I bought all for (2 lipsticks & 2 glosses) for less than $9, including shipping)