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I love my IT CC cream. The Medium is just a tad too light for me and I wondered if anyone has mixed 2 shades in the CC cream? I mix the medium and the tan in the Celebration but of course that is a different consistency and easier to mix than a cream. I have used the CC medium and used a bit of bronzer but want to know if mixing Medium and Tan in the CC is even a possibility?

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Re: question about IT CC cream

It's very possible.  Many of us fall between fair and light and have no choice but to play chemist and adjust a dab of both to get the right shade.  It's a pain but you won't have any trouble, they mix easily. Pleas for more shades are going unheeded. You can get a travel size tube of CC at Ulta if you want to try without buying a full tube. 

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Re: question about IT CC cream

I mix the fair and the light to get the perfect color.   I really, really wish that they would come out with more colors.  I see on here fairly often others complaining of the same thing.   I dislike always having two tubes on hand that I have to mix.  


The formula works so well for my skin so I put up with it.

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Re: question about IT CC cream

Have the same problem, mix the medium & tan, but it is a pain, keep hoping for more shades