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Re: pure grace

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Try Sea of Love by Philosophy~ it has a very similiar smell to  the brand Clean 's ~ laundry scent ~ it is a very crisp linen smelling scent ~ and it stays ~ ( esp if you apply the lotion first )  

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Re: pure grace

Have you tried Clean Ultimate, this one is a dupe for Pure Grace, at least to my nose it is. 

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Re: pure grace

Have you tried CLEAN's 'Skin' fragrance?  Love, love, love.  While it is not AG, it sure does smell great and lasts.

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Re: pure grace

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@Annabellethecat wrote:

@erichu  Go over and read what all of us say about Amazing Grace.


We've complained forever how it used to hold it's smell and doesn't anymore.


Then, just recently someone explained here (much smarter than myself) that since Coty (the company) bought this company they (Coty) is not a perfume manufacturer.


Hence, that's why it no longer keeps it's smell.  You see we all go way back when the original lady who started the entire line of these products used to own the company and come on QVC.


It was wonderful and Amazing Grace lasted amazing.  But that's what she did.  You can read about her.  But then (like IT makeup) she sold the company and it hasn't been as good since.


I've lost the section where someone here finally explained to us why the scent doesn't last.


When my husband was alive he used to buy me Channel No. 5.  I loved it but after he died I stopped wearing it and started using Amazing Grace, then it was sold to Coty and the same thing happened like your Pure Grace.  Coty doesn't seem interested in making a scent that lasts like the company used to make.


Everyone everywhere (not just in QVC land) has complained about the Grace scents not lasting.  It's not just you and it's not just us here at QVC, it's people everywhere.


I doubt that it's going to change.  As for me, I've tried Clinique's Happy and Happy Heart and they're OK, but a bit strong.


I guess I'm going to bite the bullet (so to speak) and cough up the money for Channel No. 5 and start using it again.  Hopefully it's still the same.

@Annabellethecat Channel No. 5 is the best! I’ve worn it on and off for 36 years. My 2nd favorite is pure grace. I never thought about them as being similar scents, but in a way they are. Channel No. 5 is stronger and muskier. That’s why Channel No. 5 is still a top seller, they never compromised their ingredients. 
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Re: pure grace

@erichu wrote:

Im not a perfume person, but I love pure grace. However, it doesnt last at all. I'm trying to find something that smells like it. I've tried the CLEAN fragrances but they're all to citrusy for me. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I use the Body Spritz and it is WAY stronger and lasts! Give it a try before you jump ship! I don't understand why the fragrance doesn't last either ,but this sure does. I will always remember Christine saying her son loved to smell her clothes because they smelled like her perfume,and this does the same.

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Re: pure grace

thats so strange that a body spritz would have more staying power than and edt. Thanks for the tip....I'll try it. And thanks for all your suggestions....they're very helpful.