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@winamac1 wrote:

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@i was shocked 2 see a limited amount of his products @cvs the neighborhood drug store--who knew?.....

I think these may be counterfeit, but I'm not sure.  

@winamac1I heard that now for many years  however this Dermalogica peel packets really are the same as I bought before? not expired, fesh same scent and BM is in updated packaging. I still wonder though about things like this but for me it's fine.

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Be careful purchasing skincare products on Amazon. Most are fake and/or tainted with. No regulation. Could be filled with just about anything!

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So are we saying that if one of his products comes from an unauthorized dealer, it's fake?

I just purchased the PM Fusion on Amazon, sold by Eva's Swedish Beauty with a 99% approval rating (the seller not the product).  I've purchased many beauty products from ebay but always from sellers that have been selling for a long time, have sold thousands of products and have a very high rating (say 99.5% and up).