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Can anyone recommend this type of teeth whitener.  TIA

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I don't think they do any more than remove superficial stain...brushing will do they same. So no, I I can't recommend any. Maybe others have had better luck with them.

I use the trays myself with the gel from the dentist.

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Pens didn't work for me. I just ordered HiSmile.
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I've tried many brands of all strengths. 

-Intelliwhite Pro

-Smileactives Advanced


These three I have found most effective. Some things to consider:

Intelliwhite requires a mouth guard, Maxxgel works best when used with a mouth guard but not required as per directions and Smileactives works if you apply it several times a day w/o mouth guard. Maxxgel is least expensive, Intelliwhite most expensive. 

I am currently using Maxxgel and have been very impressed with it. Available with free shipping from Walmart and amazon for about $15 for two pens.


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I researched tooth all peroxide in all of them. Just buy a bottle of the stuff and cotton balls.

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I was about to order this amazing product for my son when I realized it was on back order. First I was upset but I am glad because it caused me to look around and investigate a little. First I found that you have to purchase the complete refill items from another site, not qvc like the presenter said, then began to notice conflicting statements. The presenter said 30 mins an application to whiter teeth and the GLO site says 8 mins an appliocation. She also makes light of the lip application and the web site says put it on lips, inside and out, if sensitive also on gums. Also not once did they mention that you have to do this application 4 times a day for 8 mins. They give you the impression that it is once a day. The GLO site says 4 times a day and the small print on the before and after pictures on QVC say 4 times a day. I read this at the same time presenter is saying once a day for 30 mins. This was very frustrating.