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@FlowerBearYou said you tryed many different eyliners. Have you tried using a matte translucent powder with a fine pointied brush? Just go over your eyeliner with that powder. Make sure also that when you apply your eyecream that you do not go directly near your lash line. if you use concealer under your eyes, you also might consider using a light dusting of translucent powder. Also if your lids are oily, I suggest you try MAC paint pot in Painterly or Ocra which are matte depending on you skin tone & go over that with a matte translucent powder. Try to use your eyeliner at the outer edge of your upper lash line as it will even out the look. HTH 


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Same here, but found a solution.

I use Revlon Photoready eye primer and brightener.

Easy to find at the drugstore.

I don't use the brush applicator, but use my ring finger to apply.

This stuff works and is also useful as an under eye concealer.

If you dab a little of this into the corner of your eyes, it really brightens them up.

No more eyeliner migration.

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@FlowerBear I had the same problem until I started using Urban Decay Primer Potion (the original formula is all I've ever used). I put just a teeny dab all over my upper lids, and rub an even tiner dab under my lower lashes. Nothing budges after that...not liner and not shadow! 


It washes off easily for me, too. QVC sells it!

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Re: my eyeliner does this

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I have oily eye lids and Laura Geller's Eye Primer took that problem away!  I get it at Ulta now.  You might also use a water proof liner.


Do you use mascara on your bottom lashes?  If you do, it's likely the darkness comes from that or your mascara, if that isn't waterproof.

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I use the Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel- if you don't invest in the knife edge brush, it is not as easy to apply. However, it never "travels" and I only use it above the tip eyelashes. IMO lining under the eye makes the eyes look smaller.