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I recommended the old Eb5 and ordered some for myself because of the Walgreen's sale. I had never tried the new formula. It's totally different and does next to nothing. On the Eb5 website (seems to be made by a different company) it states the only difference is a change of preservative.


IMO they tripled the amount of water (the first ingredient) and don't count that as an ingredient change.


A "classic" version is sold on the website at a higher price. I may call and ask them for a sample, but my trust of this company is gone.


I apologize to everyone here.

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@KKWA- A couple of years ago my dermatologist gave me a sample of Epionce Medical Barrier Cream. Derms and plastic surgeons recommend it for people suffering from dry, irritated, and sensitive skin and those who've had various procedures because it's so gentle and very healing.  It was kind of a miracle the first time I used it and continues to be! I use it regularly, especially during the frigid, snowy winter months where I live. I purchase via dermstore's site. I've tried many oils and other creams, but for my skin this is the only one that moisturizes as much as I need it to.