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PurMinerals Soul Mattes .... has 8 matte shadows. This is not sold on QVC.

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On 2/20/2015 Boehm Collecter said:

PurMinerals Soul Mattes .... has 8 matte shadows. This is not sold on QVC.

I have been eyeing this one. Like the colors a little different. Hoping it goes on sale at Ulta.

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Too Faced, Tarte and YBF. My favorite is Urban Decay's Naked.
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I only wear MAC eyeshadow... In the past I have purchased shadows from QVC but then I always go back to MAC. They seem to last longer and are matte and great shades...

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On 2/12/2015 pas4116 said:

Try the IT pretty in matte. The quality is great.

While I love lots of IT cosmetics. I have their 3 color matte shadow and it has no color pay off for me. It reminded me of Bobbi Brown's colorless shadows.
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Mally had some duos sold here once but she had the matte duos on her website maybe a month ago I looked. Not sure if they sold out yet. There was a bright blue and brown combo, and a peach and lavender. There was a third choice, it may have been greens.
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On 2/16/2015 moonwmn said:
On 2/13/2015 soonersis said:

I have this compact and it is totally matte. I use the darkest color on my eye brows. It is sold here on QVC.

I've got this one too. It's my 'go to'shadow & last forever!

what is the name of this shadow set?

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Laura Mercier matte shadows are my fave. Worth the money to me.