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Re: jennifer coffey

thank you ,  that is what i was thinking also,,, it kinda looked like the light brown   . i was just so confused because she said med red brown and i could not find it....

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Re: jennifer coffey

@max12345 wrote:

the wig i am talking about is a 351182   and i want the color kristina had on.... when i called customer service they said it was never available is med brown red.... that is what she states she had on.... they showed 9 colors on tv and she said that is want she had on but when you go to the item  on line it shows 9 colors also but none are med red brown..... customer service told me to write to jennifer and she could find out what the color actually is..... maybe light brown cause it does not show alot of highlights... it was the one day only wig


I just reviewed the video and I see the problem(s).


At first I thought the vendor and QVC are referring to the same color (the one you want) by two different names.


Then I heard them say the wigs on the table weren't the style being sold. They were substitutes, used only to show the color choices. 


(Well the two wig styles aren't available in all the same colors, are they QVC?!!  That's the problem here.)


So @max12345 , Since Kristina was wearing the wig style being sold, and NOT the style on the table, she couldn't have been wearing the medium red brown. The one she was wearing wasn't ever available in medium red brown.


I'd say she was in the medium brown ginger. That looks like it's in the color range she prefers to wear during these presentations. It's closest to her own haircolor.



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Re: jennifer coffey and her hands

I wish she would stop with the hand movement.At first it didn’t bother me,but lately I turn  her off.Enough please