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got my lab results today......

I seen my endo this morning,and all mt thyroid results are normal!!!!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

Thats good, but i still am wanting to find out about the hair loss???

So,next step,,,i see my derm at the end of the month of see if amother type blood test can tell me what my body is missing to cause this. i might see if my regular doc can do the test sooner for me..!

I did get to see a makeup pro,at the skin doctors office this morning too..

Now that was such fun!!!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

She was so helpful! as she explained about the skin care i need,and what makeup fits my skin better! and colors that look good on me too!

Belive it or not,there foundation is less money than department store foundation,and looks so much better!!!!!

Now.the skin care,its no more expencive than some of the high end at department stores,or even dr denese..

So,iam going to try the new foundation,when i run out of my bobbie brown,and i got lots of samples of skin care items today too!!!

They were so nice,and help me so much!!!