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i have been revisiting my evergreen 3-1 the last couple of days, and put it out in my soap dispensers. as i thought i didnt like it because it did not smell very pine-y or Christmas-y!

so after the original bummer feeling,

i have been using it, and really liking it. it is so refreshing and herbal. it smells realy really clean, without smelling like anything in particular. in fact, now that i think of it, it reminds me of philosophy the fragrance a little if anyone still remembers or likes that one. not that they smell the same, but just that clean kind of uni-gender scent.

a definite departure from many of the usual gels i am drawn to. i am thinking after the first of the year if they still have it to get a couple to stock up for spring/summer.

like snowman, and candycane, i love these scents when it is warmer.

so keep it in mind if you like fresh/herbal, because phil doesnt usually do that sort of scent very often. and WHO KNOWS when or if they will ever do it again!

like holiday spice and everything nice, i thought that was such a hit that SURELY they would bring it back in the 16oz size this year, but NO!!!!! and with them being sold anything at all could happen. not that i am trying to enable {#emotions_dlg.blush} or anything! lol!

take care ladies!

also, i think this would be a good one for gents, especially if they work outside. dh doesnt usually like the creamy formula because it doesnt seem "soapy" enough for him. though he does sneak my old blackberry sauce to wash his hair! LOL!

off to torture my child with math,