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Just recently I went to America's Best to have my first ever eye exam...I needed that to make sure I pass the eye test at the DMV this year...LOL!  While I was there waiting I took a stroll around their store and tried on a bunch of glasses. I could tell immediately that there were some which did not look good on me at all. So I avoided trying on any more of that style. But I did discover that the half-rim style looked great on me...I liked how the bottom half was almost invisible. Too bad those were the most expensive ones I picked out...LOL!  I didn't need them anyway as it turned out.

Did you get the dmv certificate of vision exam form filled out by your eye doc? Then you don't have to take a dmv vision test. 





No! I didn't know about that form. The doctor just filled out a Rx form for my vision and said it was good enough to pass the DMV eye test without the need for glasses. So that's my plan.Woman Happy