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haven't used my exfolikate in awhile, just used it tonight and i love it.. it's the best exfoliator.. does anyone else have one they love, that may be better?

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If not necessarily better, certainly others are a lot less costly. Many here like Skinn Dermapeel.

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@bonnie f  If it's a scrubby type that you're looking for, you can try:

Skinn DermAppeal - it does have a strong menthol scent that bothers some people.

Eminence Organics Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant - super gentle, not strongly scented, uses rice powder, lactic and salicylic acid.

Neither of these use the frowned upon plastic beads that Exfolikate does.  Avoid the kind with the ground up apricot pits and walnut shells.  The pieces have sharp edges that make micro tears in the skin.  

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I use alba Botanica Hawiaan facial exfoliator.  Can be used on sensitive skin.  It's an excellent exoliator. Your skin has a glow after use.  Then I apply my Marula oil and get into bed for the night.  Under $10.

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I haven't used it in forever and found a massive 5 oz tube while moving - loving it but won't repurchase unless she removes the plastic beads from the formula. I do agree that it's one of the most effective exfoliators on my skin.

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found exfolicate to be to spendy for the results I got. I like the Oil of Olay 2 step microdermabrasion peel. Cost effective and beautiful skin when done!

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Exfolikate is one of the (very) few beauty products that I have repurchased time and again.   I try others but keep coming back to Exfolikate.   I love the results that I get in just a few minutes. 


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Me too! I have used many, many exfoliatiors over the years.  Exfolikate is my absolute favorite - makes my skin look almost brand new.

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when i'm done with mine, i'll have to try the oil of olay 2 step, but i'm sure i may be coming back to exfolicate...........Smiley Happy

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Denise, I've tried Exfolikate and thought it was good but I always find myself going back to Philosophy's Microdelivery Peel.  I use it once a week and love how smooth it makes my skin.  I also like the orange juice scent and the warming sensation.  But honestly I think most exfoliators are pretty comparable, Exfolikate is probably just as good.  The important thing is that we're exfoliating!  What a difference it makes!  Smiley Happy