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I didn't know e.l.f made shadow sticks, I read about it or saw it in video. They are $5 and I bought it in Target in the color Magnetic Pull ( it is a taupe/pinkish color) it says it's no budge. I haven't tried it yet, has anyone tried these?

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Re: e.l.f Shadow Sticks

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I have two e.l.f. shadow sticks: Magnetic Pull and Blue Steel. They are no budge, as the name implies and work well as liner besides shadow. I wear them alone or combined with other palettes. I apply eye primer, and that helps the shadows to last longer. 


The Blue Steel is a gray-blue, not too intense. Very happy with these sticks. 

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I have a boatload of these in varying colors. Like very much. As previous poster said, they're great for liners and smudge nicely as shadows. I have Blue Steel, Mint Green, Light blue, and Rosegold.


At  $5, they beat any other lines for price. A fun way to add to your eye pallettes.

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Do you think these are comparable to Bobby Brown eyeshadow sticks?
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I discovered these shadow sticks,too. I LOVE them and use them daily! I use Perfect Pearl on my lid as a base and under my brow, Magnetic Pull in the crease, and line with Copper Chic. They are long lasting and cheap!!!

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Wonderful reviews on these....I will be checking them out tomorrow when I go shopping!  I LOVE cream shadow sticks and the price point of these is awesome by comparison.  



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A question for they blend well with an eyeshadow brush?  I like the idea of a cream shadow but I don't have much experience with them.

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I have quite a few these shadow sticks and like them very much.

They go on smoothly and I blend with my finger. Magnetic Pull is my go-to lid color. I think you'll like them and $5 is a steal.

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@SurferWife   I like applying cream shadows and shadow sticks with my little finger in a tap/blend lightly motion. Brushes seem to take too much product away.


Because many shadow sticks are long wearing, I do one eye at a time to prevent them drying out before blending.

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Adding on to this thread I saw Emily Noel (someone here turned me onto her videos she's great) and she was wearing e.l.f No Budge Cream Eyeshadow, in Sand Dune, it looked so pretty on her. It comes in a pot like Maybelline's Tattoo shadows, it was $5 at Ulta.