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I recently tried dr. gross retinol discovery kit and was happy with it. However his moisurizer and eye cream are in jars.  I've heard that retinol doesn't stay potent in jars, it needs to be in a pump form.  Anyone know anything about this? Thanks!

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I've never heard that before.  I just remember reading that it should  be in a certain color of bottle to protect it from the light.  Have started using several of his producs this year.  His retinol is great for sensitive skin.

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Re: dr. gross skincare

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There are scientific studies that show that retinoids (retinol, retin A and other vitamin A derivatives) are affected  by exposure to light and to a lesser degree, air (i.e. degrade)). However, the overall formulation determines the stability of the retinol. The other ingredients in the formulation can help minimize degradation but can also help accelerate it (certain vitamin Cs can do this). Also, the delivery mechanism of the retinol is important- some are encapsulated by some other ingredient which helps to maintain its' stability, So, unfortunately, it isn't as black and white as saying all retinol degrades with exposure to air and light therefore jar packaging is not good.


Sorry I can't directly answer your question. It is a good question Smiley Happy

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Your knowledge of skincare is impressive! Thanks for the info.