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whats the best handcream. i need a lot of moisturizer hands are really drySmiley Happy

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I really like Beekman's.  I use it throughout the day.  Never greasy for me.  Right before bed I've started to use argan oil topped with Beekman's.  That's seem to make the biggest difference.  


Hope you find something that helps you. 

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Re: best hand cream

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Either FAB Ultra Repair Cream or L'Occitane hand cream! They're my long standing favorites.


There are a couple other creams I like a lot for general purpose - Tweak'd All Purpose Rescue Cream, and Josie Marian's Whipped Argan Oil.

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I like O'Keefe's Working Hands.  I'm very hard on my hands.

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I like several:

Perlier Hand Cream 

Tweak'd All Purpose Rescue Cream

Skinn Hand Restore 

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Josie Maran is the best hand cream I ever used, and I tried a lot. Unfortunely I only use unscented and she never offers it. Right now I am using CVS Intense Moisture hand cream, and I like it. The slight scent does not bother me.

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Re: best hand cream

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@Rainne88 wrote:

whats the best handcream. i need a lot of moisturizer hands are really drySmiley Happy




The "best" for you wouldn't be the same for someone else because our needs vary so much.


It will depend on if you need help with healing, or just moisturizing.  Do you use a lot of hand sanitizer?  How many times a day do you wash your hands?  


Do you have small children, several pets ... or garden a lot?   


All factor in to what would be "best" for you. 

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Since I put Goat Milk Soap at all mu sinks, I seldom use hand cream anymore.  Just at bedtime!

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Perlier and Josie Maran are my favorites.  However, right now I'm using a Burt's Bees hand cream thats nice.



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I have a bottle of Alpha Skin Lotion with a pump in my bathrooms by the sink.  This product works wonders on my hand and feet (and the rest of my body).