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@NYCLatinaMe wrote:

Hi @goldensrbest I have dry skin too.  what i a barrier cream supposed other than what a moisturizer does?

It helps to heal that peeling,and dryness, in the past i used aquaphor.

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Look for ingredients that seals in oil, for instance, or the beeswax, or shea butter. Oil is not moisture. Water is. Glycerin is.


If your moisturizer is oil free, then what you are doing in a sense is relying upon your own skin oils (sebum) to provide that barrier.


Individual skin care, then, where your skin is comfortable, hydrated and smooth seems to be a balancing act between the oils and the moisture, and these can fluctuate over the years, let alone your day-to-day environmental and health conditions.





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My derm recommended Aquaphor too.   I have a huge jar and dip into it daily for my lips.