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Has anyone found that argan milk helps with hyperpigmentation? I think its helping, but maybe its my imagination?
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I have not noticed it helping with hyperpigmentation.


I do remember that the first night I used it, I woke up the next day feeling like my skin looked brighter, but I feel like that was because of the moisture more than any actual lightening effect.


I love my argan milk, but I use it with vitamin C and retinol serums for my hyperpigmentation.

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I finally tried Milk and I liked the moisture it provided however I would not expect any of the benefits they claim. Wrinkles and hyperpigmentation will most likely not be improved by this product. My opinion. And for $70 I think you can do much better as far as your hyperpigmentation issue.
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The thing I have noticed the most is the crepiness under my eyes has smoothed out or less obvious because of the moisture down under I assume. 

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Hydroquinone is the gold stand for hyperpigmentation.  You can buy fade creams at WalMart.  One is Nadinola extra strength at 3% hydroquinone.

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I tried the Milk but it seems to not mix with the C Serum I use first very well.  Tends to stay feeling greasy. 

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I've used this product for over a year. My skin looks brighter and sun damage to my skin has gotten better and went away while using this product. Overall texture and fine lines are better. I like using this beauty product it works for me.

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I love Josie Maran's milk.  I don't really like the oil much any longer.  It just never seems to sink in. 

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I love the Milk, better than the oils.  

It's highly moisturizing and I feel it smooths out SOME discoloration of my skin.  Often its hard for me to tell with my rosacea.  But I do like the results I get with it.  

I think if it's working for you, great keep it.