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I have quite a few ELF products that I really like. I bought their eyeshadow palette “Opposites Attract” a couple weeks ago and it’s a really great palette. The shadows blend great, have great pigmentation and great for everyday looks. I also use their felt tip liquid liner in the shade Coffee. This is my everyday liner and it’s like $2. It’s a great alternative to black, which can look harsh on me at times when I don’t do a complete eyelook. 

I think it’s a great affordable brand and definitely has hits and misses. 

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Like their eye shadow and brushes.

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I like that so many of their eye and lip colors are actually flattering.

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Re: anyone ever try

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I like some of the brushes, especially the black Complexion brush and the Powder brush. Haven't tried their new line of brushes now that I've amassed a big collection of IT and Tarte brushes-- my favorites! But those by ELF are very nice for the price.

   The makeup has been a bit hit and miss for me as well, though in fairness, I've put more wear into my higher end products. Most recently I bought the Rose Gold palette, since it had some buzz behind it, but I was underwhelmed. Not very pigmented or creamy at all. So back to US and others. 

   Will say I always keep one of their rollerball salicylic acid things around for spot blemish treatment. Sigh. At 56, no less! .....😾😾😾😾😾