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Re: all WEN SHP items free ground shipping

On 7/7/2014 HappyDaze said:
On 7/7/2014 Wenderful said:
On 7/7/2014 HappyDaze said:

AFANTASIA and NCBandwagon, I appreciate the heads up! I had checked this morning and it was still OOS but just now it was in stock so yay! I figure if I don't end up liking it (highly unlikely, lol) I will send it off to my friend Hilary or some other SHP SC lover. Wink

I am SO happy it worked out for you HD! I think you will love it. Really, it's amazing. I just blew my hair out for the second time with it. I am simply stunned at the results. My hair is so silky and shiny, it almost looks Asian in texture but it still has body and bounce. Whose hair is this?!

Thank you, Wenderful, I am so happy too! You just know I'd end up loving it and then been out of luck with getting more!

And wow, your hair sounds beautiful! I am so excited to try the SHP SC, especially after that kind of testimonial! Smile

My hair has never ever looked this good, not even with a professional blowout. I almost don't recognize myself!