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Re: ? about Urban Decay eyeliner



Exactly!!  If I am allergic to the eyeliner, my eyes of course will tear, and no matter how tough and long lasting it is on the back of my hand it will immediately run and disappear and irritate my eyes even more when they tear up.  Saline tears do act as a wonderful eye makeup remover!   


I do a very narrow tight line on top  with a gel pencil and try to get into the top lashes for a tightline effect.  I can't do it from underneath as that irritates my eye. 


On the bottom I use a Laura Mercier eyeshadow stick and a touch of a neutral liner (Stila gel pencil, "Labradorite") at the outer corners just for some soft definition, and mascara always.


I have tried them all, and every person is different as to what will last, what goes on smoothly, and what doesn't end up creating more problems from eye irritation and tearing.


Right now I have found the Maybelline tatoo gel pencil in charcoal or dark grey works fairly well alone, has to be sharpened each time for it to glide on, lasts well, but can disappear if I am having a bad eye irritation day.


To help define it I top it and smooth it out with a grey color ("Alloy) felt tip liquid liner by Stila.  I can get it very close to my lashes and give it a very finished look and this combo tends to last well for me, as good as anything I've tried.


I tried Maybelline felt tip liners and they irritated my eyes.  I am happy to have found a pencil and a felt tip that work and rarely irritate.


I loved the Marc Jacobs gel Hi Liner pencils but became allergic to them after awhile and had to give them up.  They did not have a sharp tip though and many like this give a very thick line.


I hope you can find something that works for you!  I loved the Bobbi Brown gel liners in the pot, the best I have tried, but alas was allergic to those, and hesitate to try the BB gel pencils.  


Everyone recommends very good brands and methods, but you have to find something that you can work with with your eye shape and the tearing issues.  HTH!


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Re: ? about Urban Decay eyeliner

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@author- thank you for your experiences with different products, I am going to look into them.


You have a double whammy with being allergic. I was allergic to only one pencil and it had to be in the dye I'm sure, but boy did my eye ever tear up and sting!


I also cannot wear brown or black, so stick with navy, dark gray or a dark or bluish green.  MAC had the perfect color, but discontinued it of course.


I do have a couple BB and MAC gel pots, but a pencil is so easy!!


I'm also going to try how you tight line on the top.  I do the waterline on the top, but try and get into the lashes best I can, but maybe it is irritating my eyes, we'll see.


I only line about the bottom 2/3 of my lower lid and taper it out, to give it definition, as you mentioned. I don't care for the totally lined eye, never did.  I can tolerate that the wings are back, the good ole 60's, but can't wear that anymore cuz I have reached my good ole 70's age wise, lol!


Thanks again!

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Re: ? about Urban Decay eyeliner

@HerRoyaLioness Those are my favorite colors as well for eyeliners!  And the bottom lashline is a soft amethyst shadow stick that is almost taupe on my skin with some of the taupe pencil over it at the outer corner.  Makes a huge difference to give definition but not look harsh.


I tried and liked MAC pencils but alas was allergic.  Sometimes it is the dye and sometimes the formulation of the specific brand.  Right now I am doing great with the triple whammy of liner, mascara, shadow....all are not bothering me, yay! 


Good luck with your quest; at least beauty is fun!