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Re: Your thoughts on L'Occitane

@StillRachB wrote:
If you've used the products, do you love them? My skin is so super dry. I like Philosophy whipped body creme but need something a little heavier during the cold, dry winter months.m. So I'm thinking of trying L'Occitane shower oil and Shea Body Butter. But I'm interested in opinions and suggestions on all of their products

 I like the WEN body products, especially his Intensive Body Treatment. I also use Beekman's goat milk soap to bathe and that stuff does not dry you out. I've tried the products you are interested in and they didn't work for me, the body butter IMO is greasy and I didn't feel clean with the shower oil.

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Re: Your thoughts on L'Occitane



The brand the works the best for me when it comes to dry skin is Korres. Some ladies on the boards do not care for this line, because they consider it too greasy. My personal belief is that they are using too much of the product, and are perhaps attempting to use it as you would a regular body lotion which would be too much product. It takes very little to obtain the moisturizing benefits. I would start off with perhaps one of their sample size kits of body butters. HSN has great deals including coupons and sales often and test different amounts on the product for your skin type to see how little or how much works best for your body. 

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Re: Your thoughts on L'Occitane

I love their shea butter body butter, creams and soaps.  Much prefer this line over anything Philosophy.  I also like Aveeno products.

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Re: Your thoughts on L'Occitane

I use the shower almond oil/gel and it's very nice. I have super dry, sensitibe skin and it's fine for me. I did notice that it seems to stain my whit wash cloths.

I also like Josie Maran's shower cleansing oil, sugar scrubs and body butters. I have started to use these more than the almond oil.

Both product lines have improved my skin. It no longer looks like alligator skin. You don't need a lot of product to get your skin clean.  Budget wise I think I would start with the Josie Maran sugar scrub and body butter set.

Hope it works for you like it did for me.

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Re: Your thoughts on L'Occitane

The brand does not wow me considering the praise it gets and the "how great it is for dry skin" advertising.


No, it isn't. 


The Almond line is nice but not great for dry skin and the hand creams do NOTHING for my very dry skin and cuticles. By accident, I found that Perlier does a FAR better job for my hands; so far nothing has come close.


For body hydration, JM Whipped body butter is the bomb... it's all I use. 


L'Occitane smells lovely, beautiful packaging and offers a wide assortment of products but they don't deliver for dry skin, IMHO.

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Re: Your thoughts on L'Occitane

Thats a very good choice combination.

I've never had a bad reaciton with their products.

I highly recommend them.

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Re: Your thoughts on L'Occitane

I enjoy their products but I won't pay extra for them, I use the samples from the beauty box subscriptions I'm getting..

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Re: Your thoughts on L'Occitane

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I like their hand cream.  Have you ever used Neutrogena Body Sesame Oil.  You use it after you shower before you dry off.  It's applied on wet skin; wait a minute & then you towel dry.  Costs alot less and is a natural scent and no perfume.  Another oil to try is Marula oil especially on your face.   I use Acure Organics Maruala oil which is under $20,  It has balanced my facial skin so it's not dry but normal and soft to the touch.  I use it at bedtime after I wash my face.  It you are extremely dry, apply twice a day.  I am going to purchase the large bottle of Neutrogena body oil  at Walgreens the first Tuesday of the month on the Sr. discount day --20% off.  Cat Very Happy

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Re: Your thoughts on L'Occitane

I've used their milk cleanser and it is great for dry skin.  Especially during the winter months with heat on and cold outside.

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Re: Your thoughts on L'Occitane

@icezeus wrote:

Sorry to rain on the "Love Parade" (smile) I think L'Occitane is overrated. I will admit that I do enjoy the Almond Shower gel, the smell is very nice and my skin does feel nourished after use. However the hand lotions and the Body lotions. (useless) I have never had a brand of hand lotions where I had to continually re-apply throughout the day at work, and the body lotion in my opinion has a runny texture to it.


I truly do not get the hype about this line.


I 100% agree with all that you said. Don't get the hype either