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Re: Your best finds at TJ Maxx/Marshall's?

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Oh gosh, pretty much everything in my house - LOL. Handbags, perfume sets, sometimes makeup, le creuset, kitchen/home stuff, decor  items....I have a TJX cos problem. One sleeper at TJM is the jewelry - mine has Lagos, couture line Ripka, michelle watches, or Paz and others. Also some of their “made in Bali” pieces are nice.


also, re handbags, I sometimes find really good deals on really nice handbags (Annabel ingall, hammit) that are not as mainstream as MK, etc. people there don’t realize that’s a 400+ handbag for $150 or less if marked down.

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Re: Your best finds at TJ Maxx/Marshall's?

Went to Marshall's today and almost all of Ole H's products were gone. Am guessing someone is selling them on Ebay. Wish they would leave a few for those of us who don't want to buy off Ebay.
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Re: Your best finds at TJ Maxx/Marshall's?

Nike sneakers, Born shoes, Bandolino jeans & shorts, Dog toys. 

Redken & Joico heir products. 

Algenist cleanser. 

Today, I found the Too Faced Natural matte eye shadow palette for $14. They also had the Natural eyes palette and had a ton of the TF Chocolate bronzer. I may stop back to get an Algenist or Ole Henriksen moisturizer. Was looking for the Ole Henriksen foaming cleanser but couldn’t find anything.

Oh, also saw a Bare Minerals set with the deluxe original foundation and brush for $16!  I didn’t need anymore BM foundation, tho.

SO many great things at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. 

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Re: Your best finds at TJ Maxx/Marshall's?

Many years ago I found a small table - about 18" x 18" , heavy oak with a granite top, and drawers under the tabletop for around $100. At that time we had it in our dining room but since we moved to Fl. it has been in the kitchen with the TV on it.It's just a very nice and useful piece of furniture - one of my best ever finds.