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You used my Moxie lipliner for WHAT???!

DH is at it again and if I didn't love him so much I'd scream. He needed something to mark a couple of spots on a cabinet so he could drill holes...putting on a latch.

He asked me "Do you have any black eyeliner? I used that thing you had in the bathroom and it didn't work." I asked him "What thing?" He replied, "That pencil thingy in the basket".

Sure enough... he attempted to use my brand new Moxie lip liner to mark the spot on my cabinet. When I told him it was my new $15 lip liner his reply was "I didn't break it".

NO he didn't but he did wear down the point so it's flat. Last year he took all my little brushes and used them to touch up paint in spots.

So, how on earth can it get it sharp again??