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Re: Yet another celebrity beauty line

@Trix wrote:

@Jacie  In her defense, when Victoria Principal came out with her skincare line, it may have been owned by Gunthy-Renker for infomercial marketing and distribution purposes, but she eventually stopped acting and became the full-time CEO of the company. So, yes it was a celebrity line, but it was being run by a woman who decided to make it the priority of her professional life.  


I won't dismiss Stella's line without taking a close look.  That said, given how much my skin is loving Elemis moisturizers and cleansers, and a few additional products from Peter Thomas Roth, Ole Henriksen, DHC, and Josie's Argan Oil, I doubt I will change this regimen any time soon.  I've always looked younger than my years and had good skin (long straw in the genetic pool and dedication to skincare routines), someone whom I've known for a while saw me sans any makeup at all and asked if I had work done to keep that complexion.  I don't think she meant facelift, but rather other treatments such as peels and fillers.  I told her yes, there is work involved, but I do it all myself unless I'm visiting a place that has a skincare clinic or spa that I like and I'll treat myself to a professional facial.Blush 

@Trix - Like you, I customize my regime and am not committed to any brand for products A-Z. I also do at home facials and boot camps + routine professional facials. I enjoy testing new products/tools but I'm selective. Not everything is for everyone. 

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Re: Yet another celebrity beauty line

@Trix now that you mention it, I use some Josie Maran things, I guess I don't think of her as a celebrity! May be a oops on my part! I guess she has been in a movie so I guess it qualifies! My routines are down to what works and I don't really pay attention to all the endorsed lines out there!

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Re: Yet another celebrity beauty line

I've tried so many skincare lines over the years I can't even count them all, including many celebrity lines. What's surprised me is that the ones developed by doctors like Dr. Denese & PTR didn't give me any better results than any of the others.