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Wow it takes such restraint not to order with all the new products!

I almost had a moment and fell of the wagon when I saw the new launches yesterday on (especially that new line for redness-my biggest issue), the new lip product, plus I have been curious about that new hope tinted moisturizer! I still held on tight as free shipping alone was not worth falling of the wagon for lol. The only thing I honestly need to replenish is my hope spf 30 and hair conditioner but I am waiting for the next % off savings and the real deal will be ONLY adding those needed products to my cart! lol. My husband and I went thru our credit card bills and paid some off-still owe alot but if I tell you the amounts I spent on beauty items (mainly philosophy and this spa alana web site) it totals thousands!!!!!!!!!!!! I told him I have not been ordering since I made my post about cancelling my last orders from philosophy so I cannot give up now! Gees between the new philosophy launches and the Mally TSV that I am dying to get more than anything-this is putting my will power to the test! Is anyone else going thru this?