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Would love recs. for e/s colors and combos

I have grey (well salt and pepper but mostly salt) hair, medium toned golden brown eyes, light neutral skin. I am looking for a daytime look that would include an allover color from lashline to brow, on that is light toned because my eyes are deep set. Would then like a complementary color as an accent for crease/ outer corner. Currently I like doing Vanilla Sugar as my all over base color, with Water Lily as the accent. I can wear warm or cool colors as long as the undertones aren't extreme either way. I've had fun checking out the shades on, it helps that they give a brief description of the colors and whether the finish is a sheen or a glimmer. I don't want anything too sparkly, makes aging eyes look older imho. Can do the sheen or "glimpse" shadows though. Thanks for any and all creative suggestions~and do share your fave eye looks that you like for yourself.

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