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Are any of you familiar with the Toni Bratten wigs ?  I ordered one and almost immediately cancelled, because .I'm just not sure. I would appreciate any feedback you would provide. TIA. 


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Re: Wigs

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@Annabellethecat has said she uses this brand exclusively. (I May Have Muspelled Her Name Tho)

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I dont have a full wig but I have a hair piece (fall) from her that I bought years ago and it is very nice and sturdy and looks very natural.  I would not hesitate to buy her wigs and hair pieces again.

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Read the reviews. I recently ordered 2 Paula Young wigs (different styles). I should have known better to order what I WANTED, instead of by the reviews. One wig had good reviews (the 1 I kept), the other, I really wanted, wasn't so great (returned). It was exactly as reviews stated. When reading any reviews, I always read lowest to highest. Then decide from there. 

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I have some experience with Toni Brattin's wigs, @indoor kitty.  One of the ones they showed today, the oddly-named "Trendsetter Whispy Cut" is TEN times better than the product photo.  If you look at the video, you'll get a good idea of it.


In real life, it is an adorable little short French bob, that looks very natural on.  Looks great worn slightly tousled-  youthful (but agesless) and chic.  For some reason, the light colors they sell on QVC are mostly HEAVILY rooted, with almost black looking roots.  I ordered a light blonde, and the agressively dark roots looked ludicrous on me, but could look great if you have brunette coloring, very dark eyebrows, etc.


This must be a thing they just did for QVC. Other places, if you order Toni's "light blonde" or "platinum" or whatever, you don't get the roots, as fas as I know.


I have the "Alluring" wig of hers (which I reviewed here) which I ordered from, precisely because I didn't want the roots.


I really liked the "Alluring", but wouldn't recommend it for a novice wig wearer.  It is a wavy shag, and for me at least, needed trimming at the back, and I had to thin the top a bit.  The sides, on the other hand, are a bit skimpy and unruly, and i found it took a while to style the wig to look natural.  Too much work!


The Trendsetter Whispy Cut however, is simply "shake and go",  I think.


I think that @Annabellethecat has recommended also the "Classic Bob" wig.

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I was just watching her go thru the colors using the bob style. On each and everyone you could see the underlying netting on the back. So anyone standing behind you could tell it was a wig. Maybe it was just this style that showed a flaw. Don’t know.

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@indoor kittywrote:

Are any of you familiar with the Toni Bratten wigs ?  I ordered one and almost immediately cancelled, because .I'm just not sure. I would appreciate any feedback you would provide. TIA. 


becca lou wrote : I own her wigs, and would not trust any others, I get compliments all the time on the color and style, no one knows its not my hair. I hope this helps. and easy to care for.

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I bought one and a clip on piece years ago when she was on HSN. I also bought two wigs back in October when she was on.

I really like them and get lots of compliments whenever I wear them.

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I really like her wigs but not the one's QVC sells.  They all have black roots.


I order directly from her company (no black roots).  I just ordered 2 new wigs (same) and received them earlier this week.


I can put them on without a mirror.  Just stand and smooth them over and I'm good to go.


Even my hairdresser didn't realize it was a wig!  She had a fit!  She said, "I can't believe you cut your hair so short".


I used to wear it short.  But then I had a lot more hair and it was thicker.  It was a wedge (Oh! How I wish.....).


Anyway, I just twist it up and put some clips (berets) in it and put on the wig.


This wig and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love it because it keeps me from looking ..... well I'm 71.  But I hate it because I have to wear it and it's hot (to me, anyway).


I don't know many wigs that look real when the person's natural hair is short.  It's just my opinion and doesn't mean much, but that's how I feel.


The wigs I wear are medium blonde (looks kinda 'dirty blonde'.  It looks like it would be my natural color.  The crazy thing is I wear the lightest color liquid makeup you can buy and my natural color hair is dark brown.


I used to color it myself when I was young and got a lot of compliments (even though my late husband teased me that it was orange).  Eventually I had to start getting it colored at the hairdresser.  From that time on I never got another compliment on it.  Don't know what that means, just telling it like it is.



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I wore wigs back in the 70's as a young woman, loved them and looked great in them IMO. I bought a TB wig a few years ago and although I thought the quality was ok, I looked ridiculous in it and returned it. I would give it a go, maybe you will love how you look in the wigs.