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Hi @hyacinth003 


Have you contacted the American Cancer Society?  They helped my mom find a wig shop that specializes in helping cancer patients.  We went to a wig shop that offered wigs that had "scalp" details.  Which is hard to explain, but basically the wig had a part with a scalp.  So my mom was able to match what her actual hair texture was for a more natural look.  She (like me) has fine hair and our scalps are visible at our parts.  


It was a great comfort to her to have a natural looking wig.  Most people did not know she was wearing a wig. But when they found out, because somehow the fact that she was actually living with cancer and going through treatment came up, they really were surprised.  


She didn't wear anything under it.  When her hair started to fall out, she shaved her head.  I think many do this.  When she was home she wore a scarf or a hat.  Her head did get cold.  


My mom has been cancer free for over 10 years. She was diagnosed with stage 4 and as they say, there is no stage 5. She had chemo, radiation and a lumpectomy.  


I am sorry for your diagnosis and send you strength for a successful treatment (((hugs)))

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@hyacinth003 I'm sorry you are facing this problem.  I too had chemo and lost my hair in 2016. Please look into all the beauty and wig offers for free from the American Cancer Society, they are truly a wonderful group.  I went to a makeup session that was hosted by volunteers in my community, where we were given a hugh bag of cosmetics, and they helped each one of us to apply.  We also had some fun with cutting t-shirts to make head coverings.  I can't stress enough how special that made me feel.


I had 7 wigs, long, short, red, brown, blond.  It was fun to wear something different.  Except - I Hated Wigs, I was aware of them on my head, scratchy even with a soft skull cap underneath.  I hardly ever wore them. I asked my company if they minded if I went all natural, they said no problem - so I hardly ever wore anything on my head. I tried scarves, hats, special chemo head coverings, but in the end - just me and my beautiful bald head.  (My doctor said it was chemo beautiful).


I would suggest that you look on ebay for a wig first before investing in anything.  Maybe you will like wearing one and then you can decide to get something more to your liking.  And yes, American Cancer Society had a large selection of wigs I could choose from for free.


Wishing you only the best health in your cancer diagnosis, I have stage IIIC USPC, and am currently NED.  

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@hyacinth003 @Prayers for you!  LM

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Places to look online on youtube:

Wigs By Patti's Pearls

Taz's Wig Closet

Mimi's Wig Boutique

Jill Lynn Beauty


Many of these people say that Raquel Welch wigs and Jon Renau wigs are the most comfortable synthetic wigs. I have to say.... my Raquel wigs are my most comfortable. I would also watch some wig care videos. Proper care can add months to any wig. I have found the best prices at Name Brand Wigs. Many women also like and Wigstudio1. 


I have worn wigs for many years and used to sell them. Watch some videos on youtube to see how these professionals make them look so natural.  Please note, for most women, wigs are a bit uncomfortable.  I wear mine out always but take them off at home. They are hot.  There are hats, scarves, etc. you can wear around home or wherever. Even hats with partial wig with hair on sides and back but not on top might be an option. I wear the synthetics.


I pray things will go well for you and that God will give you all you need to get through this.  God bless you.

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Prayers for you and words of encouragement.  I have a few loved ones in my life go thru chemo and my husband being one.  Chemo is not easy but results can be so wonderful too. Be as positive as you can and surround yourself with positive people too.


My mother and sister chose wigs for out and about and my sister in law chose colorful scarves.  My husband did not lose all his hair but he always wore a cap and continued to do so.  


Two people had hair grow back in darker than before and one had curly hair and ended up straight.    Does not take forever to come back in.


Cancer center can help lead you in the right direction for wigs.


Good luck and be kind to yourself.  Let yourself be spoiled during this journey you are on.  


Get yourself some Ensure to drink to keep your energy up.  Mashed potatoes also are good too.  Pudding as well.  



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@hyacinth003 ---first off--I am so sorry that you are going thru this but very glad you are taking charge ----and I absolutely know what you are going thru--I am a 10 year survivor that was declared by my onc dr this past June, at my last appt with her,  that she considered me cured!!!.


I had lobular breast cancer stage 3a in my left breast and had 5 months of chemo and 33 days of radiation. I DREADED the thought of losing my hair and really and truly--the thought of and the anxiety of that happening---was 100 x worse than actually losing it--in my case anyway---so now on to wigs---


I took my DD and SIL with me, ---we went out to lunch first and then went to a local wig shop where we had lots of fun trying on wigs of every color and style and length!!! The shop owner then sat me down and I found my dream style in my color of hair and it was beautiful and  out we walked. Cost me about $125 and was not human hair and my insurance covered it. she could have styled and cut it for me too. It was very nice, felt snug as I still had my hair but it looked fabulous and very real. I also bought a head cap too. then after my hair fell out, I went to the cancer store at the hospital where I was getting treatments,  and got 2 more in different styles and colors for free!! I wore them all the time and felt great in them. After chemo was done I donated them back to that cancer store but I WISH I would have kept that first one---it looked so good. Human hair wigs are very expensive and wigs these days that are not human, look like they are. Remember you can take them to your hair person and have them cut the way you like. My girl did mine for free!! I wore hats and some pretty fancy scarves too but when I went out I wore my wigs---this hair loss is temorary and it does grow back-- but the weight on my shoulders,  of waiting for it to fall out, was huge and when it was gone,  it was a HUGE relief. So chin up, get your awesome wigs and kick those cancer zombies in the tookus!!!! You can do this!! Much luck to you and go to the wellness board where there is a cancer section and talk to us about anything---the girls there are the best and helped me out immensly.

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Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery.  I don't know a thing about wigs.  I have purchased items from an online store that offers cosmetics for cancer patients....wigs, headcovers, lots of eyebrow stuff.  It's called Headcovers dot com.

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Several years ago, I went through chemo too. Of course I lost my hair, but i could not wear a wig. Just didn't like the feel of it nor the look.


I opted for turbans in many colors to match my outfits. They were silky and comfortable and became my signature.


Sorry you are going through this, but you will come out on the other side just fine. The hair WILL grow back, sooner than you think. Mine came in salt and pepper and curly! The curls unfortunately disappeared, but I like my gray/white hair and don't color it.


I should amend that statement to say I color it in tones of blue now and get loads of compliments. It's just fun!

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Best of luck to you @hyacinth003 .  If you do buy there are so many human blend and synthetic wigs that look natural.  If you have some places you can walk into to check them out that's great.  


I think a nice human hair blend, lace front without a part might work for.  I can pull up websites if you need more help.  Just holler for me.

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