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I am going to be starting chemotherapy, and they have told me I will lose my hair.  I am pretty bummed about that.  I know it's common and wasn't shocked.


Any advice on what is a good quality, realistic looking, wig?  My hair color is naturally auburn, I guess.  It is dark brown with red highlights.  I have been coloring it to TRY to match my natural color.  I wear it short and don't care for bangs on me.  Plus they annoy me on my forehead!  I do sweep it over to the left in front.  I blow dry the sides toward the back and like volume (use blow dryer and brush) on the top.


Should I look for the human hair?  What do you need underneath them?


I will probably get some other head coverings also, but would like the wig for going out.  All quite overwhelming!



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I have no answer to your inquiry, but just wanted to send you good thoughts and a hug.     Heart   

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@hyacinth003   If you'll only wear the wig for a brief period, I wouldn't put the money into a human hair wig.  My sister went through that and it seems her hair came back pretty quickly.  She'd been coloring it since her 20s and it came in snow white.  It was so striking she opted to keep it that way.

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Before you spend a lot of money out of pocket, look into your local resources for cancer care.  

The oncology center thru the hospital I retired from offers a human hair wig and other essential items to their patients for free.  These are all quality products that are sent to the hospital thru the American Cancer Society.  

I send prayers and very best wishes to you with your cancer journey.

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I always wear a wig (my own hair is impossible for me to manage on my own) and go to a wig store that's very near a major cancer treatment center. 


There are always signs in the wig store connecting it to the major cancer treatment center.


Mention is made that the purchase is eligible for insurance reimbursement.


The hairstylists where I go are often working on women being treated for cancer and seem very knowledgeable.


I bet if you consult your treatment team at the hospital they can suggest a resource near the hospital that is expert in advising you regarding purchasing and caring for a wig. 


Wishing you the best!!!!


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Synthetic is so much easier to care for and less expensive. Look at different types on line and try some on. If shine of hair bothers you use a powder puff to reduce shine. 
Get lace /velvet cap- most come this way- so it won't bother your scalp.

'No preparation under wig is necessary.

'Synthetics are so very easy to wash at home, style stays in wig.

Imo the rooted colors look more natural.

'The web has tremendously info-YouTube videos teach you all you need to know.


Wishing you a full and speedy recovery

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Family and friends who have undergone chemo have opted for synthetic, not human hair and were happy with that choice.


I will keep you in my prayers - God bless.

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@hyacinth003 As a cancer survivor I wish you all the very best. The oncology department at my wonderful hospital had a section of lovely head wraps and wigs. 


They also told me I would probably lose my hair! I didn't lose a thing but when I had chemo, radiation and chemo again, I didn't have to shave my legs for months.


Hope you find what you need and what will make you feel comfortable.

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@hyacinth003 @Sending you well wishes and big hugs!

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@hyacinth003  I am clueless about the wig question.  I wanted to pop in the thread and wish you well during your upcoming treatment.  I pray the side effects are not severe and that you have a complete recovery.  

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