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Re: Why does the Beachwaver Girl...............

@Sooner wrote:

It sends a message.  The message is that I know I'm selling to an older audience and chances are most of them won't find the hair a good look, they will find it odd and focus on that instead of the product.  But hey, I don't care what they think.  What I want to do is more important. 


That's the message. 



Hey now. I am "older" and I think if someone wants to have some fun with their style, no matter it be hair or clothes, more power to them.


What is more, I think more rather than less of my age group have a sense of fun and freedom  rather than so judgmental and rigid.


Your young years are meant for taking chances and expressing yourself in hairstyles, makeup and clothing. 

I enjoy seeing it.


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Re: Why does the Beachwaver Girl...............

@Pook  OK, thanks.  I thought of that but if memory serves she has been here before and has always had pink hair.


Whatever the reason, I was just curious.  I hope it's a wig because the entire time she's on I keep wondering what putting all of that pink dye in that LONG hair is doing to her hair!!


I used to have long hair when I was younger.  I colored it myself.  It was Nice and Easy brand.  I got a lot of compliments on it because it was kinda strawberry (with more emphasis on the strawberry color.


My husband used to tease me and say it was orange, but it wasn't.  


My point is it took some doing when coloring one's on hair to make sure to do just the roots when it's long like that.


Anyway, I'm sure (as usual) I'm giving more info that you're interested.  I just like to TRY to explain where my brain is heading.....and if you understand should be worried.  Ha!

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Re: Why does the Beachwaver Girl...............

I just read some of the comments.  I think whatever someone does to themselves is their business.


Sometimes a person goes through real trauma in their lives.  Sometimes they want to show the world they got out of the other side of the trauma and they're going to be OK.


I have no idea why she colors her hair pink.  I was just curious.


I don't usually watch the presentations.  I sent one each to my granddaughter and my youngest daughter.


My youngest daughter hated it and sent it back.  My 2 teenage granddaughters (who have hair almost to their waist) loved it.


Everyone's different, just as the color of their hair is different.


More than one time I've walked past a young person with purple, blue, etc hair and (while walking past) will say, "I love your hair" and just keep walking.


You can see them straighten up (like "thanks").  I think no matter the reason they do want it noticed so why not say something nice.


Now with all that said, my middle daughter would wear some of the weirdest outfits to school you've ever seen. 


I found some pictures of her I took.  She looks like Pippi Longstocking, the little girl in the Adams family (pigtails, knee socks, etc).


She was not a flashy kind of kid.  She was very, very pretty, maybe that's why she was never teased (it does make a difference, too bad but it does.


Her Dad would have had a fit if she'd have dyed her hair purple, etc though.


When they went off to college he said, "I'll pay for everything.  But if I ever find out you got a tattoo, I'm not paying for your college.


None of my girls ever got a tattoo.  Not because of that but because they just weren't interested.