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For someone who is single handedly saving the world you have an awful lot of free time to post your hectoring sermons.


And I find more judgement in your posts than I find in the complete thread.


But carry on if it makes you feel better.  Maybe you can put us on ignore  Not wait, then who would you feel superior to then??

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Everyone is different in what they care about. Now, I think I came out of the womb loving skincare, makeup and stuff to do with hair. My mom and sister were moderately interested so I didn't get it from them, it is just what I liked. 


I am now 45 and I have worked in the beauty industry since I have been 19. I love it and it suits me. I could never work a desk job, or be interested in computers or in a factory. It would just bore me to death. However, thankfully other people love that and would hate what I do.


Over the years I have met all types of women. Women who have never had any interest in in makeup or beauty in any kind of way. Women who once liked makeup but for whatever reason whether it be depression or just losing interest, don't care anymore. 


I guess it just doesn't matter to me much. One of my best friends hates makeup and refuses to wear it. It is just the way she is. It doesn't bother me a bit and to be honest the few times I have seen her in makeup, she just seemed so uncomfortable that it made me uncomfortable, it wasn't her. 


The only thing I dislike is people who can't accept others as they are. I used to have a neighbor who refused to wear makeup or do her hair at all. Our children were friends together so I had to interact with her to some extent but I didn't really like it Not because she didn't wear makeup or anything like that. She hated the fact that I did my hair and makeup everyday. When we would go to one of the games the kids had together she would always make a comment about how me wearing makeup was ridiculous. I noticed this happened more when her husband was around. I thought about it for a while and even thought about saying something to her but I realized she wasn't comfortable with her appearance so she tried to make me feel bad about mine. It was nothing more than that. People who are happy with themselves do not find the need to put others down. 


If my friends who don't like wearing makeup makes them happy, then I am happy. The only time it would bother me is if I saw a friend I felt was feeling depressed and they were stopping things they would normally do. I would want to know if there was anything I could do to help. That happens to women and nothing to be ashamed of. 

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
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Re: Why do women do this

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I had an aunt and uncle who one of my cousins said would die of terminal vanity. They also felt it was their obligation to criticize everyone's weight.


I kid you not! When my brother got married my sil said, "they must really like you because you're so thin." She was not heavy, but not thin. When I had no money my aunt criticized my hair. I told her I had to chose between coloring it and cutting it. I colored it but wore it up.


They BOTH had cosmetic surgery and thought other friends should.


My aunt ALMOST DID DIE OF TERMINAL VANITY. When she was in her seventies she got the same illness I'd had all my adult life. She refused to take the medication because the fine print said it would cause hair loss. I told her the illness causes hair loss. When that happened she took the med.


I love all the girlie stuff. I'm seventy one and have a closet of beautiful clothes and do m/u well. But the last three months have been pure hell financially and physically. I don't get out much and when I have my roots done, no more blow dry or extras. I'm wearing the same three hoodie dresses with my compression tights or compression leggings with the same tops.


I don't have the energy to do m/u for a trip to the drugstore or grocery. I live in a college town where no one dresses or wears m/u.


But I always remember to smile and be pleasant to the people I interact with. I didn't have m/u on but yesterday when I took a taxi home from a procedure the taxi driver said he enjoyed talking to me so much he gave me his cell and said to call him instead of the dispatcher.


I have one friend who does say I make her uncomfortable because I am always so "dressed." She's eighty four and was a natural beauty who never HAD to do m/u. She wears clothes beautifully but has bought only ONE new article of clothing in five years.


I've actually enjoyed the vacation BUT I STILL GET MY ROOTS DONE. I HAVE MY LIMITS!

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RE Joan Rivers. I had the honor and pleasure of going to a benefit where

she was the guest speaker. There were only sixty people there. It was about ten years after her husband died. The benefit was for a community for retarded adults and many  there were in the mental health field. She spoke about her late husband's suicide and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. I had just lost a beautiful young friend to suicide and told her. She spent fifteen minutes talking to me. I'd been crying for months; I stopped after that conversation.


Years later when my cousin was dying of AIDS I called, "God Loves, We Deliver," and asked if she'd call him.(I was given a number to call because his companion had made an enormous contribution.)  Instead, she sent him a beautiful note on exquisite writing paper. She told me that calls were fleeting but a note could be read over and over. She was right.      


She hadn't gone too far with the surgeries when I met her and looked beautiful. But over the years when I saw her turn into the caricature of the woman I met I wondered why she overdid it. Fun or insecurity? It just made me feel badly for her.

Thinking about it now, it was her life and her business. I'd miss her no matter how she looked.

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@ANewHue wrote:

I'm so surprised how many women let themselves go as they age.  I've met so many over the past few months that just don't care.  I never go out without any makeup even if it's to the grocery store.   I recently had a conversation with a slightly younger family member and she said "you look so good, you know that right, you really take care of yourself."  My response was "well if I don't who will. 

I don't think basic exercise, eating right and dressing nice is overindulgent, do you?  I'm asking this because some do,  I don't do anything differently that I did in my 30's,  oh yes I do use the E.G.G. And  Lightstim  And may even get some Juvederm soon.  I know I'm not going to win the ultimate battle but I'm going to have fun while I'm here.

  I know what you mean.

  I've always loved to see "ladies of a certain age" who take care of themselves and look good. Good being ~ well-groomed, nice clothing, hair styled, and some make-up on.

  A person who isn't even conventionally "pretty" can still look attractive if they put the effort in.

  I could never just let myself go.

  That's admitting defeat.

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WOW 😲 This kind of post reminds me of my late mother. It took her forever to put on her face. She hated everything about it. It made me nauseated to watch all that ****** go on her face. When I visited in my 30's and she was 50 something she would yell at me because I was going to go to the grocery store without a face of makeup. I replied what's going to happen? The face police will arrest me? She's passed now. I am 54 and use lip gloss and mascara. Maybe a little lightener under my eyes. I use the Argan milk and feel fine. Yes, my skin isn't perfect but I do live in Florida and have a few freckles and I am not using a mask to cover up what the sun kissed my face with. No matter how much Jamie talks about her skin loving cosmetics its not letting your skin breathe. I use sunscreen and a hat if I am in direct sun for long periods. Otherwise I skip sunscreen because the toxicity of it just discolors your skin, irritates it to get redness and feels itchy. All women who use a makeup all over look obvious. Here in Florida you rarely see anyone wearing it because it melts off in humidity. I think the serum they are selling today is ok after a natural serum because all the ingredients are silicones. I don't see it as skin loving. If you fill your skin with the chemicals then you are in a rut and can't leave the house without makeup because your skin looks toxic. I thought in my 20's that I had to wear makeup to look good like Mother but now I realize its about her insecurity and loathing of her natural face which she destroyed wearing makeup every day. I saw pictures when she was young and she had perfect skin and never acne like me.I don't think the big brows on anyone look good but fake. I just use a gel to tame and cover a grey here and there. I am not drawing on big brows because it's on the red carpet. I don't live in that world. I don't have a wrinkle to speak of but don't look 20 either. But I am ok with casual clothes, pony tail and some lip gloss. Actually all that makeup I used to wear was the brand that covered tattoos and was waterproof because I had huge cystic acne which was really awful. The scars have really gone pretty much with vitamin c, vitamin A and lots of home peels and exfoliation. I wanted a professional peel but they laughed and said for what? Baby skin. I was 40. So maybe you look at a woman like me who feels free and secure and you think I let myself go. No I am preserving my skin, saving the back because it hurts from idiotic heels and keeping as much hair on my head because blow-dryers' damage and thin your hair out. Less is more. I am happy and don't focus on what anyone thinks of me. I have been like this for so long because when you feel your ugly without a mask it's sad.
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I actually admire women who can go out without being made up. Maybe they feel great about themselves as is and that is how we should all feel about ourselves really. The freedom of being yourself with no concern of people's judgments is beautiful in my opinion.