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Why didn't anyone tell me that Eastview Mall, Rochester NY has a BE store!!!

OK ~~ so I don't get to the mall very often...but I was pleasantly surprised to find that our Rochester NY mall now has a Bare Escentuals store.

I walked in "for a minute" to look around and was immediately greeted by a very knowlegable sales person. I told her that I didn't know that Leslie had opened a new store and she told me that they had been there since mid-summer. So while I was there I was able to pick up one of my lipstick bullets in one of my favorite colors (at a 20% discount) and three new eye colors - - all at a discount. I asked them to key in my contact information, and now I am on the mailing list for in-store specials. YIPPIE!!!

I asked if Leslie had come to the store for the grand opening, and the sales girl told me that she had not, but they hoped to get her into the store some time in the next 18 months. They told me that they would invite me, as I am now on their mailing list. (I'm so excited)!!

I told them that I wanted to apply for a job, as I love BE and wear it exclusively. They wanted to hand me an application, but I told them that I was only kidding and that I lived too far away to consider working for BE. {#emotions_dlg.blush}

Any way, this new store may have already been discussed months ago, but I guess I really don't get to the mall often enough to have known that.

It was a great day at the mall and I just wanted to share with other BE/Leslie fans. Smile