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Who In The World Is This Person On Air??? Really?

When I first looked I thought I was seeing a female impersonator. Just a normal person off the street would be great. I am sorry, I usually don't comment on a way a person looks, but she is truly not someone who should be in front of the camera selling beauty products and yes I am turning the channel. I will just look at "items recently on air" for the rest of the products. I am nothing special, but I am not selling beauty products and I just feel the person should be a little attractive otherwise when you see them a person could think "so if I buy this product and I'll end up looking like that? No thank you." Sorry I know I will get bad feed back and no I am not having a bad night, just MHO.

for beauty products - I am 54, blue eye's, very fair. Skin is normal, but prone to eczema patches.