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Re: White nail polish

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I like OPI Funny Bunny (though it takes 4 coats for me), OPI Hue is the Artist (has a very faint lavender tint).  I also like Essie Blanc and might get that tomorrow for my mani.

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@lkat that's pretty for summer!

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Presently, I am wearing butter LONDON Princess Cut.  It is a "frosty white shimmer,"  (I couldn't find a decent swatch.)  I swear it looks exactly like a Cutex shade I bought in a 5 & 10 back in the 60s.


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OPI Chiffon My Mind. 

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OPI Alpine Snow, makes a great pedicure color, very opaque white!!!

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@lkat wrote:

I love opaque white polish in the summer.  This year I'm using OPI Suzi Chases Portu-geese (would love to know how they come up with these names!).  It only takes two coats and doesn't get streaky.  It's a bit off white so doesn't look like white out.


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I can tell you how they come up with the names. Suzi Weiss FIshman is the OPI owner, she names all the polishes, hence lots of them have Suzi in their names. 

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This is one of my favorites: HD by Olive and June. Olive and June has some really pretty neutrals. I have about 5 or 6 of them.  Smiley Happy


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Right now I am wearing a white from Deb Lippmann called Peace, it came in a set of 6 opaque neutrals from HSN. 

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@Knit-Chick wrote:

@amyb wrote:

I'm posting only to follow this thread, as I'm interested to see the answers.

I'm always admiring white nails on others but haven't tried it yet, and would not know the best to buy for subtle, opaque, soft white.

@amyb google OPI Funny Bunny swatches.  I also found swatch pictures on pinterest.   I just bought that and it's pretty subtle, even with 2 coats.  You might be what you're looking for!

Thank you for the suggestion; I just Googled it and YES, that does look like exactly what I admire on other people when they do white, opaque, summer nails. Smiley Happy