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Which personality driven skincare lines do you buy?

Fess up. The reason I buy certain lines is because the representative is entertaining.  This mainly means an owner.  The ones I watch and still use (or watched in the past) are Dimitri from Skinn, Leslie Blodgett from BE, and Christina Carlino from Philosophy.  That doesn't necessarily mean I stick with the line, but those people induce me to try it in the first place.  Two people I've liked watching are Laura Geller and Jamie Kern, but sadly their colors just don't work for me. 

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Re: Which personality driven skincare lines do you buy?

I don't really think about the "personality" associated with any line. I just buy the products I like. Really.

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Re: Which personality driven skincare lines do you buy?

I don't buy any skincare products from Q or any other home shopping channel and so the products don't have any high pressure sales representatives that you see on TV or anywhere else.

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Re: Which personality driven skincare lines do you buy?

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I think that personality has everything to do with what skin care line I am using!


Not in a way of "entertainment" qualities of a seller. First of all,  I prefer to hear about product from an actual proprietor of the line, not only a representative.


Because then I can see their personality, which most definitely, in my opinion, transfers into the actual products they selling. I do like to buy from a person with clear, direct and complete knowledge about these products, and first hand in creating/formulating that skin care. I also would like to be able to see - they are also users of this line as well.


To me - this is a personality I'd be sold on! And if it happens, the line works for me also - I hit a jackpot! I then will develop trust in the line and a person, so I'd continue trying their new products as well as being very diligent with the routines, knowing they work.


I know, some saying there may be only one or two good  products in each line, and one needs to pick and choose skin care from different lines.


But for me, not only it's easier to buy from one, but I also believe products from one skin care line are more congruent with each other and work together better. I feel myself very fortunate to find my line and the more I use it, the more trust in it I have.


Before that, and when I was still all over the place with skin care, I could see a lot of hypocrisy from representitives in many ways, and hypocrisy is just a personality quality I'd rather stay away from. In skin care and in life in general. Cat Happy


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Re: Which personality driven skincare lines do you buy?

When you hit a certain age and your face starts falling you scramble for help!

I tried a few different lines but more than a personality inducing me to purchase there were those that made me NOT purchase!

It was a while before I tried Skinn because of how obnoxious Dimitri was! I heard him proclaim that he had 'the most unattractive models in the business' so I boycotted his products for some time.

And while her sidekick seems okay, Jennifer Stallone is an insipid moron! I shudder at  some of the dopey things that come out of her mouth! It boggles the mind that NO ONE on her team has corrected her from saying '25 key list ingredients' ??? and then there was 'my kids don't have acne because they know how to keep their face clean' ???!!!


The bottom line is that if you don't behave like a complete imbecile the liklihood of my trying your product is high...

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Re: Which personality driven skincare lines do you buy?

I may enjoy occasionally watching a "personality," but it doesn't influence me in terms of buying.

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Re: Which personality driven skincare lines do you buy?

I'm not at all interested in a personality selling cosmetics.  I could care less.  I buy products for:

1. The reputation of the company and sometimes how long it has been around.

2. Packaging--if it looks professionally done, if it is good at keeping the product fresh, and even  how it looks for makeup (I don't buy much makeup but what I buy I like to enjoy having it on my vanity table or using one in nice packaging--if you don't buy a lot the price is not as much a concern.)  I'm not buying Drunk ELephant for that reason--the same reason I wouldn't buy wine in goofy bottles.

3. Ingredients and what they are supposed to do--I don't believe for a second a lot of this stuff!


As an example, I was really into Lazlo black soap as a teen (back when dinosaurs roamed) because of the above reasons.  I had a HARD time finding it too!  LOL!!!

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Re: Which personality driven skincare lines do you buy?

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None whatsoever. I don't buy anything based on some celebrity or personality endorsement. I buy based on ingredients, packaging (for stability of products, not for looks), cruelty free, and how well it works. Most of the products I use I have no idea who developed them and so therefore have no idea if I would like their personality or not. I used Paula's choice products long before I ever even heard or seen her (for over 10 years now) because they truly work. 



I like watching shows for certain personalities (Dimitri, Laura Geller, Mally to name a few) but it doesn't mean I will buy the product just because they make me laugh or sound convincing.

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Re: Which personality driven skincare lines do you buy?

I guess i've always assumed the people pitching it are just that-pitching a product. Does anyone really believe Josie Maran formulates her products?? Chemical engineers and scientists formulate and send samples to the spokesperson/ celebrity to try and approve.

Look at all the youtube personalities with "lines"-they have nothing to do w it except possibly some input on color. They are paid to endorse a product. I do find some entertaining and even knowledgable but the only one I've seen that i think actually has real input in the product is the founder of 100% pure-as she was a formulator before starting that company. I'm sure theres others but i would bet 99% of the spokespeople we see do not have phd's in chemistry. just a hunch. You have to review the product ingredients and try things for yourself to see if somethings a fit. I love a good exotic story -ancient gisha text/ discovering argan oil/ and biofuel company turned skincare-it's all great fun and may even b true-but let whats in the bottle speak for itself-you'll save some pennies!

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Re: Which personality driven skincare lines do you buy?

Well, my beauty shopping online has changed as I'm fickle and vendors come and go and so do brands from the various shopping channels. I've probably tried most of them at one time or another including Skinn, Bare Minerals, Signature Club A, Dr Denese, Mally, Jerome Alexander, Mojave Magic, It Cosmetics, Dalton, YBF, Perlier, Pur Minerals, Ojon, and Tweak-d. I'm sure I've forgotten some brands too.


Paula's Choice I bought for years as I've read all her books and subscribed to her newsletters and Beautypedia when they were pay versions.


I've never tried Perricone.


My most recent purchases from brands that also sell on shopping channels is Tatcha rice powder and Josie Maran citrus body butter...the trial sizes I bought at Sephora in Las Vegas.