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Which Wen For Very Baby Fine Hair

I have a friend I want to introduce to Wen but she has long baby fine hair. Does anyone know which Wen I should introduce her too?

I am fortunate in that I can use most of the Wen products but my new fave is Green Tea and I am looking forward to trying the new Orange Blossom. I have a linen closet full of Wen. I could go more than two years without buying anymore. I am addicted.

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Re: Which Wen For Very Baby Fine Hair

I think you will get a lot of different answers...

I have long fine (not really baby fine, but fine) naturally straight hair, somewhat oily. I do a lot of heat styling, but do not bleach or color treat.

If she is looking for volume, maybe LAV is a good place to start.

If her hair is dry - maybe Bamboo or FIG

The two that are supposed to be the most universal are POM and SAM. I think from a scent perspective, they might be a good choice as well.

And there is always the option of the variety travel packs....I can usually get two cleanses from each pack, so it would last her just over two weeks.


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Re: Which Wen For Very Baby Fine Hair

My fine hair does extremely well with SAM. I hadn't used it in a number of years and I was shocked the amount of volume I got when I used. It has become my usual second cleanse along with 613. Cannot argue with the results especially that now that I let my hair grow long.
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Re: Which Wen For Very Baby Fine Hair

Thank you theaterbuz and beaches21. I started with the Sweet Almond Mint as they sat it is universal. I have some of it and may just give her a bottle to try. I did not realize that Lavender is good for volume. I have a gallon of it. I just may make up a care package for her to try.

Thank you so much ladies (I presume)

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Re: Which Wen For Very Baby Fine Hair

I have long baby fine hair too, I like Fig best in the winter and BGT right now. I like the BGT because it gives my hair the best shine and bounce. The scent which I really like, is secondary to performance.

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Re: Which Wen For Very Baby Fine Hair

My daughter has long baby fine hair. She gets the best results from tea tree for the first cleanse and a seasonal or bamboo green tea for the second cleanse.
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Re: Which Wen For Very Baby Fine Hair

I hate to throw a wrench into this, but here goes. From everything I've read on this board as well as my own personal experience...

The rule is that there are no rules.

There are some very general guidelines but then there are so many exceptions to these rules.

My takeaway is that each person has to wade into the Wen waters, try out a cross section of Wen scents and figure out what works best for their personal scalp/hair chemistry.

I have very thin, fine, limp hair and these are my personal results...

* SAM and FIG are much too heavy for my hair -- they both weigh it down. Every time Chaz talks about SAM being universal I just shake my head, because it just doesn't work on my hair.

* POM (soy-based) is fine but I hate the scent.

* LAV is supposed to be targeted to my thin/fine hair, but LAV is the only CC that dries my hair out a bit (probably because of the witch hazel). It's also supposed to add volume but it leaves my hair flat. It's a shame because I really, really love its french lavender scent.

* TT and CA are standbys for my thin fine hair. I have a very oily scalp and dry ends. Both TT and CA balance my scalp and give the rest of my hair enough moisture. I use TT and rotate CA into my routine every fourth cleanse. -- Some people have felt that CA dried out their hair, but it works well for me.

* TT is a great place to start. I would guess that 70-80% of the Wenners on this board incorporate TT into their routine.

You might want to buy her the variety pack for $33 dollars (see below) which would allow her to try a number of the different core CCs.

Best of luck!!

-- bebe Smile


From the QVC page on the Wen Variety Packets...

From WEN by Chaz Dean.

  • Includes eight 2-oz Cleansing Conditioner packets
  • Sweet Almond Mint: universal for all hair types
  • Fig: created for dry, damaged hair
  • Tea Tree: created for thick, coarse, problem hair
  • Pomegranate: universal for all hair types; soy-based
  • Lavender: created for fine, thin hair; adds volume
  • Cucumber Aloe: created for those with an oily scalp and dry hair; most astringent
  • Variety: includes one packet each of Fig, Tea Tree, Cucumber Aloe, and Lavender; and two packets each of Pomegranate and Sweet Almond Mint



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Re: Which Wen For Very Baby Fine Hair

Its really hard to answer that question. I have really fine, curly hair that is also very dry. In the winter (FL winter, HA) I do best with seasonals, because my hair needs more moisture. Also lots of 613 for second cleanse. But in the summer, which is very humid, I am lavender all the leaves my hair silky like no other.

Personally I don't do so well with SAM...POM is better but overall I don't like the universals.

That's just me! I do have what I consider to be weird hair..

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Re: Which Wen For Very Baby Fine Hair

I have very fine, thin hair and I agree with everything bebe777 said (except I don't have an oily scalp). But TT still works the best for me. I get the most body from TT. It took me a while to get used to the scent, though. Now it doesn't bother me at all and it totally disappears once I'm out of the shower. I did try all the other scents before I settled on TT and I use some of the others for a 2nd rinse on my ends (but only because I already have them and need to use them up). Lav was one of the worst for my hair and I don't care for SAM either. The others are ok but nothing works like TT. I can't speak to the newer seasonals because I've stopped buying them.

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Re: Which Wen For Very Baby Fine Hair

oh lord... i just 'love' when someone asks this kind of question as i know all the responses are going to wind up having the proverbial ""this works for me..."" in them. i know everybody is just trying to be helpful but whenever i see this kind of thing i tend to think that the original OP is going to wind up even more confused because everybody is telling her/him something different. the best thing to do for your friend is to get her (or have her get) the variety travel packets. that way she can try them all without having to commit to larger bottles and if you want her to try any of the seasonals then you you can send her samples from your own stash. that way she can try them all and find out what works best for her hair.