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Wait  A Minute!


So how exactly do the vendors "benefit" if products are sold while they are on air?


Arent vendors paid by the company that owns the product line? in fact, aren't lots of Vendors actually the owners of their companies?Dont ALL sales of a product benefit the company that makes/distributes that product?


Or are you talking about some special type of spiff or commision that vendors might receive  for sales associated with their appearance live?


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@Daysdee wrote:

@Tricolor  That doesn't seem to make sense.  How many people actually watch any more?  I often see something, but don't order until later in the day or the next day after I think about it.   Or perhaps I wait for a free shipping day.   

I completely agree with you. It makes no sense at all. However, more than one vendor has mentioned this. Recently when Chaz had the Beauty IQ Steal, he mentioned to wait until airtime to purchase. I rarely watch anymore. This is a very antiquated way of doing business.

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@Kitty Galore  The Julep website has cosmetics and nail polish.

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I was in one of the newer Ultas the other day. Laura Geller has been gone for a while, but I was surprised to see Julep marked 75% off. A while back I was watching one of the beauty shows here and took a chance on their foundation. I really liked it - and the primer that went with it. Jane and her sister demonstrated it. 


I asked one of the SA's what was going on. She said they're discontinuing Julep. I mentioned they had also discontinued Mally and Laura Geller. She told me they are discontinuing a lot of the smaller lines to make way for the more popular ones, like Kylie, who is all over the front of the store ( and I will never buy anything from that line!)


I noticed this Ulta seemed to be heading towards duplicating Sephora. 

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I started to see Julep at Winners in Canada and since Julep and Laura Geller were part of the same company that went into bankruptcy and sold it makes sense that old inventory is being liquidated and ending up at TJX owned stores like Winners, Marshalls, and T.J. Maxx. 


I just bought a Julep kit at Winners that consists of a grapeseed cleansing oil and a rosehip oil serum that was sold on QVC last year. I'm seeing a Laura Geller 6 piece lipstick set called Les Fleurs de Provence at Winners for $16.99 CDN and a Laura Geller 4 piece Foundation Wardrobe powder foundation and cream concealer kit as well but beware as a google search shows that both of these kits were sold on QVC in the summer of 2016. To me, those kits which are are more than 3 years old by now are too old since they consist of liquids and creams. I won't buy skin care or makeup kits that are that old as my rule of thumb is that makeup expires 3 years after the manufacturers date or in the alternative 3 years after it was sold in stores or online.