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Re: Where do these extra products come from?

On 4/30/2014 Kjelle said:
On 4/30/2014 VaBelle35 said:
On 4/30/2014 KJPA said:
On 4/30/2014 VaBelle35 said:

Until eBay gets Easy Pay, Chaz doesn't have anything to worry about over there ;o)

Hahaha! So true. And I'm usually loyal to QVC because I appreciate the shows and the helpful ladies on this forum. I just went to ebay for a discontinued item I LOVE!!!

I went there last week when someone mentioned GR makes a mini texture balm. I've wanted that forever and didn't know it existed.

Oh good, glad you found it! They are adorable too.

It came today! It is too cute for words. I have it next to my little baby mousse. It's like WEN toys Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Where do these extra products come from?

I hope you didn't buy your WVM from seller art3371061, I'm almost certain this is the same KNOWN fake seller they just keep changing their seller name. I recognize the posts and the format of the seller name is very similar, location same. This particular seller also sells their own branded version of cleansing conditioner locally, very similar scents to Wen so they have the capabilities to create the fakes by just mimicking the packaging and labels but use their product in the bottles. Notice they don't sell any pumps with the bottles Smiley Happy And you were right to wonder how someone could have SOOO MANY WVM to sell. They've been doing this hoax for years now.

Edited to add link to the thread last year about this seller

See post 69 for last know names.

Meshascloset.... floridagranny1947... became akg110612

... notice similarity in seller name format?

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Re: Where do these extra products come from?

On 4/30/2014 KJPA said:

Can anyone explain where all the WEN products on Ebay come from? I can understand an individual selling pieces from a kit that they don't use. But some of the sellers seem to have a large supply all the time. I think they are real and not knockoffs. I have even bought some, like the WVM. I just wonder if they buy up some kind of overstock? It surely can't pay them to order at the prices we pay. Just curious.

I purchased wen oils off of ebay and they were all the real thing. people can make money buying a ton of the TSV's then selling the pieces separately. I so far never had a fake product sent to me.

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Re: Where do these extra products come from?

WEN has a club like Proactiv where they send out a set every 4 - 6 weeks, or so. I know that before I cancelled, I was inundated with WEN and sold many of the items on ebay.

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Re: Where do these extra products come from?

I never had a fake sent to me either. I still would have been waiting for the TT Oil from QVC, but luckily, I got it from eBay because it was available.

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