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I use prescription Retin-A.  Can I use this with WHINE?  Before or after?

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Usually, you would want to avoid using a product with active ingredients at the same time a using Retin A. The WHINE serum has peptides and Vitamin C, so it  might be better to alternate nights between the two products. 

If you feel like you need a moisturizer wIth the Retin A, you could buffer the Retin A by applying a basic moisturizer prior to the Retin A or wait at least 20 minutes after applying the Retin A. 


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Check with your doctor re: interactions with prescription drugs.

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Did they really name their product WHINE? Too funny! Woman LOL


Peptides are fine to use with Retin A. And the vitamin C is relatively low in the ingredient list, so I would assume the formula isn't too overly acidic. No retinol in there, so you aren't doubling up on vitamin A. I'd say ask your derm, but I don't see anything wrong based on a quick look at the list. And of course if you get a reaction, stop.


Use Retin A first and let it sit for 20 min at least before putting anything on top.

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I don't think that they intentionally named it "WHINE", but it's the acronym for "When Hope Is Not Enough".