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Re: What's your favorite retinol night cream?

One of my favorite beauty blogs is called Hot and Flashy 50.  Her last blog from last Friday was all about prescription retinoids and over-the-counter retinols and the differences between them all.  I consider myself pretty well informed regarding skincare products, but this particular blog was very helpful to me.  Obviously, the greatest differences are going to be seen with prescription retinols but over-the-counter retinols can also be helpful.  Basically, the most effective over-the-counter ingredient is retinaldehyde and there aren't that many products that contain this ingredient.  Most drugstore brands contain retinol which isn't as effective (I suspect it's probably a cheaper ingredient.).  Anyway, one of the companies that includes retinaldehyde in their skincare is a company called Avene.  She has a link to the product in her blog.  Check it out - you will find it very informative.