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Re: What's your favorite daily facial moisturizer for underneath makeup with SPF 30 or greater?

Some very good suggestions in this thread, but some aren't facial moisturizers with SPF30 or more, which is what the OP is looking for.  As someone fair who burns easily, I can say that I wouldn't use SPF15 -- it just isn't enough for me.  I try and use SPF30 and sometimes more -- 45 or 50.  And I try to use mineral/physical sunscreens where possible.


Sometimes I use a sunscreen -- not necessarily a moisturizer.  Sometimes tinted, sometimes not.  Right now I am liking Exuviance, tinted, SPF50. The consistency is light, a liquid/lotion, not a cream. A little pricey though.


For a moisturizer with SPF30, I like Perricone'a Photo Plasma but even getting it on sale that's pricey and I typically prefer one with both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (and that is only titanium dioxide).  He has a new one now, Daily Brightening Moisturizer SPF30 and I might like to try that especially since I prefer the pump to a jar.  It's a lotion vs a cream.  He had another one in a pump I used for years until that got discontinued.


I also like Dr Jart BB cream SPF45, if you want something tinted to use as a foundation.  I sometimes put a touch of powder over it.


Josie Maran's isn't bad but since it was reformulated I find that one too greasy for me (or maybe it's all the argan oil in it).